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Google Stadia Review, tested with the new Google video game platform

The best

  • Speedy loading times
  • No game download or patch
  • Picture quality
  • Play wherever you want

The Worst

  •  Input lag on Chromecast
  •  Basic options that are not yet
  •  Game prices
  •  It does not allow playing with 4G on mobile

For many, Stadia is the future of video games. For others, something threatens the reality of the video game. We have been with the platform for a few days, and then we will tell you our google stadia review and analysis, a platform that does not come to replace the others. At least for now …

The video game industry has been testing streaming technology for years, something like a YouTube video game, or Netflix, to make a more realistic comparison. We do not have a console, PC, or physical games. Everything goes through the cloud running on large company servers. In 2012 there was already talk of this (it was said that Gaikai, now PS Now, was going to be the engine of PS4, and in the end, none of that …).

At the moment, Stadia can be played in the Pixel 2 and up with the Stadia app, in the Chromecast Ultra of the Founder’s Edition, and in Chrome with a code that Google provides to the first buyers. So let’s go with our opinion and analysis of Google Stadia, the future of video games that are going great … when it works. And since we don’t understand this review without artwork, get ready to watch Stadia up and running with a few videos.

Bottom line: This is what you need to play Stadia

google stadia review

We started the google stadia review and analysis by counting what we have had at home to do it … and what you need for 2020. As you can see throughout the following paragraphs, in the photos and videos, the Stadia review unit came with the basic pack found in the Founder’s Edition, namely:

  • Chromecast Ultra personalized custom” and its power supply with Ethernet
  • Stadia controller and its USB-A to the USB-C power cable

We also had” La Garra,” the official Google peripheral, which is not yet for sale, with which we can connect the mobile to the command. We will talk long and hard about La’ La Garra” later because it has significant design problems, but all in due course. Finally, to do the google stadia review, we have a Pixel 3A XL. It is a basic mobile, but we already anticipate that it does not matter the phone, PC, or tablet range since the hardware of these devices is not essential. What matters is the quality of your Wi-Fi antenna … and our connection.

To play Stadia, we need a Pro account that costs 9.99 euros per month and allows us to play 4K60 with Dolby audio and special offers for a limited time and free games. At the moment, only Destiny 2 The Collection and Samurai Showdown are among those games, but they are expected to “rotate” in the future so that there will be a catalog of free games in Stadia. The rest, we buy. In 2020, in addition, Stadia Basic will be playable. Of course, the games will also have to be purchased separately, but we will not have fun at 4K60 (the maximum will be 1,080p) or the advantages of the Pro subscription.

google stadia review

This is how Stadia works (both what we see … and what we don’t see)

Once you know what you need, let’s take a google stadia review in a few words on how this works. We have already said that it is a kind of Net’ Netflix of video games” Although the comparison is exemplary to situate you, we must clarify the concept. For starters, having Stadia is like having a mighty PC (and always up to date, according to Google) without buying the hardware. You do not have to spend money on a console or PC, but you do have to purchase the games.

There are just about twenty games available, and although it is a more than limited catalog, it will be expanded rapidly over the coming weeks. These games have a high price (very high if you ask my opinion) and range from 19.99 euros to 69.99 euros in their standard versions (the Deluxe editions go up in price). The game must be bought to the touch, but there are offers for Pro users. Before entering this, we show you one of the leading news of Stadia compared to other platforms:

That is, if we press A to make the doll jump, the sequence is:

  • We see the doll standing
  • We press the A
  • Google receives the command to press A
  • Processes the data and tells the doll to jump
  • We see the action on the screen

All this was executed kilometers away from our home and processed at a very high speed. So that we practically do not notice any delay between pressing the button and completing the order. That’s called latency, and we’ve put it to the test by contact counting” frames on different Stadia platforms. This is how Google Stadia works, and before finishing this section. We must say that mobile is essential for everything.

In the Stadia app (which only works to run games on a Pixel but that anyone can install to control the essential functions). We have the game store and the land launcher” of said games. We also choose the image configuration among its three available modes (premium, balanced, and performance). We configure our avatar and see screenshots (we can not take the phone for good, everything is said, and we send invitations to friends). In TV mode with Chromecast, the options are minimal. The configuration is null: we can only accept invitations from friends, fiddle with four configuration options, and launch the games. We need the mobile for everything else (the application tells us).

 Now, yes, we will enter our Stadia experience into an opinion that precisely combines the idea of a person who has been playing all platforms for many years. And the data is viewed in the most objective way possible: with videos.

The Stadia controller is the only new hardware that turns out to be a remix.”

The presentation of the Stadia leadership was quite an event. Google is great at software, but hardware is another song. Coming from scratch and creating a video game controller is highly complex since its rivals have been perfecting their designs for decades.

In this sense, Google has done the most brilliant thing: copy the characteristics of one and the other. Stadia’s controller is a Frankenstein monster from:

  •  PS4 Dualshock 4 Sticks
  •  Side keypad and crosshead of the Xbox One controller, as well as the lower headphone jack
  •  Central buttons on the Switch Pro remote
  •  Triggers and bumpers of the Switch Pro controller, although with more travel.

It has things of one and the other. Still, in general, the design and the feeling in hand are more similar to that of the Switch Pro controller, with that wide front with the USB charging port, weight, parallel dimensions, and a touch of quality polystyrene that makes us feel that we have a good piece of hardware on our hands. But, in addition, it has a vibration, and I have to say that the haptic motors are very compliant to achieve that little point of immersion.

We are making many lists in the google stadia review and analysis, but there are three ways to play. And each one is different:

  •      On TV, the Stadia remote is wireless
  •      On mobile, we must connect the USB-C cable control
  •      On the same PC: we must connect the cable
google stadia review

The Stadia experience: mobile, Chrome, and Chromecast

Seen this, it is the moment what matters. Does Google Stadia work? Yes, but it depends. Videos have been seen, particularly of people pressing a button. And the character reacts after a second and a half or even more. We can not accuse anyone because we do not know under what circumstances it has been tested. But Google says it clearly: it is not a device to enjoy outside the home if you want the optimal experience. The video in question is in an office, namely the computers and mobiles connected to that network …

We tested Stadia at home (with the described connection) and in the office. And both cases, the experience has been satisfactory almost all the time with the high graphics settings, as there are several ways to play throughout the next few lines. We will tell you about our experience on mobile, PC, and Chromecast. What is striking, the spoiler, is that Chromecast is where I have felt the worst.

From best to worst: Stadia on mobile

It says the standout, the best experience playing with Stadia I have had on my mobile. For this, I have used” La Garra” and the command, logically, coupled with USB Type-C. From the Stadia application, at all times, in the full consumption mode to achieve 1,080p resolution. With the best quality (the maximum in Pixels with a FullHD + screen). The experience has been fantastic, identical to the console with remote control.

In other words, I have not had any problems performing all kinds of actions in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Gilt, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Samurai Showdown, or Destiny 2.

They are games of very different genres and have their peculiarities. Destiny 2 is a somewhat heavy-duty shooter with a controller that holds in Stadia. Mortal Kombat and Samurai Showdown are fighting, and the latency is very low. Red Dead and Tomb Raider are third-person and have more latency per se on other platforms. And Gilt can only be played on Stadia, so we can’t compare sensations.

Stadia on PC via cable and Wi-Fi

I wanted to try Red Dead Redemption 2 and Destiny 2 on PC. They are games that I know are perfectly incompatible (in fact, I recently analyzed Red Dead Redemption 2 in Ultra on PC). The truth is that, at the control level, the experience in these games on a PC connected by Ethernet is 1: 1 compared to the one I have with the games installed on my computer.

Destiny control is much more fluid than control. And is something that you can see in this straightforward gameplay. In addition, you can see that there is no latency between the power and the image. I think I miss quite a few shots. But it’s more because I’m using an ergonomic mouse that’s not the best for gaming. The important thing is that it is seen that the movement of the mouse corresponds directly to that of the weapon. And we also leave you the straightforward gameplay of that same game.

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