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Google recognizes that the new Chromecast with Google TV has a slight problem

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The new Chromecast with Google TV is undoubtedly a grand launch, but it lacks a must-have feature for today’s times: profile selection.

There was a lot of anticipation with the launch of Google’s new dongle, a new Chromecast with Google TV focused on audiovisual entertainment lovers. However, it seems that Mountain Viewers have forgotten to include a much-needed feature.

The choice of profiles on electronic devices such as PS4, Windows 10 computer, or even specific applications such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video is essential for each user to have well-differentiated access and thus receive personalized recommendations about the movies or programs that they have in favorites and the ones you have seen.

But the new Chromecast with Google TV has a small problem: it has no user choice, so in the end, the device is more aimed at a single person and not to share, for example, with the rest of the family unit.

However, some of the features and options of the new Chromecast lose total sense. For instance, the “for you” tab is located at the interface’s top. Where recommendations are made for movies and television shows that Google thinks you will like. But what happens if two or three people use the device? What offers will we receive then? This user customization in the Chromecast with Google TV makes little sense if several family members use the device.

In addition to the “for you” tab, the new Chromecast with Google TV. It also allows us to add content from different services to a watch list. Synchronized with Google search to provide more accurate results. Accuracy is in the background if multiple people are using the device.

But this new Chromecast with Google TV is not a specific problem. But its main competitors do not have a previous profile selection either. However, the Amazon Fire TV stick also has a watch list and a section for recommended content. But unfortunately, it is linked to a single Amazon account.

Instead, Apple TV is the only device of this caliber that adopts a simple switch between user accounts. And is that with the premiere of tvOS13, multi-user support was introduced so that each person can access their settings.

Perhaps Google’s idea is to sell the maximum number of possible devices used only by a single person. Still, it is clear that the familiar concept, at least the one that exists mainly in Europe, is to share this type of Chromecast device with other family members. So, a prior profile selection is a more than necessary option.

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