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Google prepares a search algorithm that will understand any phrase, regardless of its spelling

Among the novelties presented at the Search On event that Google organized yesterday, a beneficial function for these times stands out.

Yesterday Google held Search On, in which it presented some of the changes it is making in the google search algorithm and implementations of its different applications. Although what can be considered a significant announcement was not made. We did know the company’s approaches and what it is trying to improve—something crucial for those who spend the whole day on a mobile screen.

Google is clear about it; artificial intelligence and machine learning will be its best tools to satisfy users and improve their results. You will use both to try to figure out what those searches mean that seems unintelligible because of all their misspellings.

It will no longer be just a matter of that name you can’t spell well, and Google understands. Such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tchaikovsky, but those commonly misspelled words or phrases that are very misspelled.

According to The Verge, Google’s promising new spell-check tool will help identify even the lowest-spelled queries. Because although it seems somewhat outdated, it is not as much as it looks. And the numbers they gave yesterday at the conference showed it.

It is not only that 1 in 10 queries have misspellings or are misspelled. 15% of searches performed on Google daily are new, never seen before. And that requires a significant effort because Their concentration when writing is much lower. More and more searches do with mobile, where spelling is less controlled or hardly corrected.

To address this challenge, Google has prepared a new search algorithm focused on spelling. That will be powered by a neural network with 680 million parameters executed in less than three milliseconds. Some figures make you dizzy.

In any case, one of Google’s primary efforts is to get closer to users and understand what they are saying. No matter how difficult the spelling you have or the speed with which you have written it. Without a doubt, something that will suit everyone.

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