5 Google Maps Tips and Tricks, You need to know

Planning a road trip or planning your daily trips is stressful, but it becomes even more frustrating when you can’t find a place to park or if you lose your signal, and the time you had to be present at home is approaching. Providentially, the Google Maps for Android and iPhone can leave the driving stress with some of the tips and tricks that are hidden.

You probably know about the Google Maps application, you can save addresses, such as work and home, so with a touch, you can get directions to the places you travel frequently. You can also get information about the situation, including what to eat, where to stay, and what to do. It will help you make the most of your trip.

There are several Google Maps tips and tricks that can help you with other tasks as well, such as allowing you to download an offline map to use, including stops along your driving time to get an accurate destination time and even help you find a place to park. Read “learn how to use these google maps tips and tricks functions to make your trip comfortable.

Exit the network with incognito mode

A new feature for Android users allows you to go incognito while using Google Maps. That means that you can hide your location from other Google Maps users, as well as the places you have searched. So, if you are want to surprise your partner with a gift, this is what you will do. Open the Google Maps, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner, and select Activate incognito mode. When you are ready to disable the settings, follow the same steps, and choose Disable incognito mode.

Use Offline Google Maps

google maps tips and tricks

It is a handy trick, especially if we go on vacation, and we will be without data on our cell phone or when we know that the signal will not be excellent. If the language is going to be an inconvenience to ask a local or you’re not very good with directions, Google Maps allows you to download a portion of the map so you can use it offline.

What are the most common searches of “cyberchondriacs” and what do doctors think of “doctor Google”Once you are in the application, display the menu and click on what it says “Offline Maps.”

Move with your fingers or mouse to the area of ​​interest, apply the zoom, and download it. And use the application, You will not need the Internet to receive directions on your routes.

  • It never fails: when you need more instructions, your phone loses the signal at the critical moment. Fortunately, Google Maps helps you to download your route in advance, so you never have to worry about getting lost.
  • In the Google Maps application, enter your destination.
  • Touch on the place name or address at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the three-point menu in the upper right corner.
  • Tap Download offline map.
  • Touch Download. The outline of the area will be available offline.

Plan your route for the complete trip, add stops also

If Google says its trip will last seven hours, but it ends up being eight, it may be because it did not include its multiple stops along the way. Google Maps allows you to add stops so you can get a more accurate destination time.

1. In the Google Maps application, enter your first destination, such as a gas station or cafeteria.

2. Touch Directions.

3. Click on the three-point menu in the upper right corner.

4. Tap to add a stop. Add stops according to your plan to take.

5. Press Done when you have finished adding stops. Now you will get a more accurate estimate when planning trips.

Easily find an area to park your car

Knowing where you can and cannot park your car is essential, especially if you are late for work, attend a significant event such as a concert or drive to an unknown location. Instead of driving and expecting you to eventually find a place to park, use Google Maps to guide you in the right direction.

1. In the Google Maps application, enter your location.

2. Touch Directions.

3. For the estimated time, you will see a P icon next it will take to get that location. Touch the P (Parking). If P is red, it represents that parking will be limited. Blue means finding parking will be secure or a more complex challenge.

4. Find parking.

5. A list of parking areas will appear. Select one option in which and tap Add parking. As the first stop on your route, the parking spot will add, and you can continue to your next destination.

Observe what a place looks like before visiting it

The images can be misleading, so before booking a hotel that looks good, check out Google Maps first.

1. In the Google Maps app, look for a location, such as a hotel you are considering staying.

2. In the lower-left corner, you will see a small box with a photo of the building. It is the street view of the area, so touch it to see how it looks.

3. You can zoom in and out and know the city by sliding your finger across the screen.

Create a personal map

Google maps allow you to signal the exact destinations you want to visit. For this, you have to open the app, select the main menu, and choose “Your places.” Then, tap on “Maps.”When reaching that point, the user can add directions or markers, as well as paint lines or measure distances.

Travel through time with Google Maps

If you’ve been curious to know what a specific place was like before, Google allows you to visit particular points with Street View over time. You must understand that this is only possible through the desktop version and that all places are not accessible. You select the Street View tool & choose a clock that appears on the left side. Then you have to choose the location where you want to visit and set the time.

Share your location through Google maps

Sometimes it isn’t straightforward to explain and describe where one is, and the indications are not always easy to understand. The best option may be to share your coordinates to help you establish a route that links two points. To do so, you have to access the map, click on the blue dot that indicates your location. And click on the “Share location” option.


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