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Google Maps adds new features for cyclists, and we tell you what they are

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Google Maps adds new features and functions for lovers of bicycle transport, allowing us to know exclusive shortcuts and the location of rental stations and bike lanes in cities.

The Google Maps app includes many new features and functionalities designed for bicycle users. A means of transport that has become popular in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the global health situation, many people avoid public transport to avoid crowds. And either use their private vehicle or, in some instances, a bicycle that allows them not to pollute and simultaneously reach their destination quickly. In this regard, the problem is that sometimes we do not know where the bike lanes are in our city. Or we do not take advantage of the hundreds of shortcuts we have to try to shorten our distance to the destination.

Well, Google has thought of us and has added new options for cyclists in Google Maps. However, requests for bicycle navigation demands on Google Maps have increased by 69% since the beginning of the pandemic. Those in Mountain View have wanted to respond to this need with several new bicycle transport functions. For some of the major cities in the world.

To do this, Google has used an artificial intelligence algorithm, collaboration data. And even data collected from local municipalities to offer all these functions.

This way, as long as these new features exist in your city. You can use the Google Maps app to guide you through bike lanes or areas suitable for bicycles. Besides, we will also be shown a series of shortcuts to use with our bicycles to reach the destination earlier.

In addition to the above, Google will offer us turn-by-turn navigation using bike rental locations. When available and have even agreed with certain bike rental services to facilitate the booking process during our app navigation.

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