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Google Translate activates the option to transcribe conversations in another Language

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A few weeks ago, this novelty of Google Translate was announced, but it seems that it is already becoming a reality for more and more users. The application has been updated for a few hours with the option of instantly translating and transcribing between different languages. This article will discuss five Google Chrome extensions that speed up browsing.

As announced on Google, this novelty collects conversations or statements and automatically translates and transcribes them into another language so that we understand what is said or record it. A beneficial innovation to promote inner comprehension and facilitate journalists’ work, for example.

At the moment, the number of languages ​​in Google Translate continues to grow, and it will only be available in eight styles ​​that can combine in any direction: English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai

From Google, they have left a sample of how it works when transcribing into Spanish a speech in English.

To use this option, you must have the latest version of Google Translate downloaded to your mobile, click on the Transcribe icon at the top of the tool, and select the two languages it speaks and to which you want to translate.

You can pause and restart the transcription at any time, in addition to viewing the text in its original language, increasing the font size, or switching to dark mode.

It also announced that the service would improve, especially in capturing the conversation. Hence, it is recommended to use quiet environments where the mobile can correctly detect the words to translate.

Indeed, we can think of a situation where this tool can come to us. If it has not been implemented on your mobile yet, do not worry; in a short period, you will have it.

5 Google Chrome extensions to navigate much faster

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers, most appreciated by users. It is fast, functional, and comfortable to use, and it does not stop implementing new features with the idea of ​​being as enjoyable as possible. Users are always willing to change browsers if they think they will find better conditions in another.

google chrome extensions

But what leads a browser to be the most used? The speed. Users want not to waste seconds waiting for pages to load, which is practically instantaneous.

You already know that if there is one that does not convince you, you can permanently disable it so that it does not bother you. But don’t worry, we hope it doesn’t happen to you.

This application is like a predictive keyboard but in the matter of loading pages to which the navigation will go. It works curiously: it starts loading the web where it senses that you will enter before you click.

Look at the movements you make with the cursor and get ahead of your click in milliseconds so that the entry on the destination website speeds up considerably.

Web Boost Chrome Extensions

Web Boost Google Chrome extensions are in charge of saving the different blocks of the websites to reuse them during navigation. For example, if we are browsing a site with the same social media buttons on all pages, why always load them?

By taking advantage of the blocks of some pages in others, the pages take less time to load, and navigation is faster.

AMP Browser Extension

This extension allows navigation similar to that done via mobile, where much of the website’s ” noise ” is eliminated. And the loading speed can be doubled or tripled.

Some websites may be seen with a different design. Since it changes the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, but if one bothers your eye. You can always return to standard navigation with a simple click.

McAfee Web Boost Extension

This plugin attacks one of the most annoying functions of some websites: the electronic reproduction of videos. The automatic loading of videos significantly slows down browsing and retains much of the bandwidth. With this extension, you can end this problem. However, the developers of many advertising companies try to combat this kind of extension. The same extensions are also regularly updated.

Shut up Extension

If many videos seem hard, the comments on a large number of websites are even fewer. This helpful extension hides users’ comments on any website, be it newspapers, blogs, or YouTube. This way, much of the web is not loaded, and navigation is accelerated.

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