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Google launches a new Gmail that integrates Docs, Chat and Meets in one place

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Google wants Gmail to be the workplace for individuals and companies and has just released all the details of an update that may be the most important to date. And the new Gmail has Chat and Meet built-in, a file manager, and to-do lists, and it is compatible with Docs, all without leaving the application.

Many students and individuals, but especially professionals, start the day with the email application. Currently, Gmail is essential, and although there are several email managers, Gmail is one of the most popular. Millions of individuals have a Gmail account, but companies that, without that ending, ‘@’ use the tools of the Google suite.

Google knows that many of us started the day in our email app and want it to be even more complete. For this reason, they have just presented the new Gmail update, an application that governs them all.

Through the Google blog detailing G Suite updates, we know that the company intends to create an app that offers a better and more complete user experience, integrating various Google services so that we do not have to jump from one app to another.

In the new Gmail update, we will have emails with the same experience we had until now, but also chat to send instant messages to both individuals and groups, ‘Rooms’ to organize team tasks, and ‘Meet’ to make video calls.

These new options will be accessible on mobile thanks to a new lower bar, each one with its notifications, and on the web, thanks to a tabbed system at the top, but there are more. To complete the experience, the renewed Gmail will allow you to edit and share task lists, open files, and view/edit documents without leaving the app.

It is a massive change for Google’s Gmail application, which is now establishing itself as one of the most important in the company … and a basic one at the business level. In addition, there will be communication with third-party applications such as Salesforce or Trello.

This seems like a response movement to movements in recent months, such as integrating Microsoft Teams in Slack. And, as we always say, this competition favors the users of these services.

When will the Gmail update arrive?

The new Gmail will reach both the web and the mobile version. And you will surely want to mess around with the new application.

Google has announced that the changes will reach all users, whether they are professionals or not. And will do so in a staggered manner over the next few weeks.

Gmail has become so popular that everyone has an account. So eventually, you end up receiving emails from a lot of people. We must add spam, spam, and other unsolicited emails. You have to create filters in Gmail to organize everything.

By default, all messages you receive in Gmail are placed in the Inbox label/tray. You’re likely to receive dozens or hundreds of emails daily, and Google does an excellent job of filtering spam. You end up receiving dozens of emails that force you to waste time reviewing them.

This is where filters come into play. These are the rules that apply to received mail. When that rule is met, an action is taken, which can be to send said message to another label/tray, archive it, delete it, mark it as necessary, etc. This way, you can automatically organize your emails when you receive them without having to do anything.

Here you have to decide what you do with the emails that meet the filter. You can archive them, mark them as read, highlight, forward, delete, mark them as necessary, etc. A relevant field is to Apply a tag. What it does is redirect mail to a specific label/tray. For example, you can create the labels Work, family, friends, games, and colleagues online. And redirect the senders to these labels to separate them.

When you have finished, click the Create filter to complete the process. You can create all the filters you want and delete them from Settings and Filters. And blocked addresses when you no longer need them.

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