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GeForce Gaming PC Desktop vs Gaming Laptop

geforce gaming pc

Today we look at the performance of Geforce gaming pc desktop vs. laptop graphics. Re-discussing the topic we last posted more than a year ago when Nvidia introduced the first GeForce RTX GPU for mobile. The confusing Nvidia fraud scheme embellished the actual investigation. Where Laptops and desktop GPUs have the same name. But include very different performances.

Using the hardware available in early 2019, we found that the RTX 2070 desktop was 19% faster than the RTX 2070 chip at 1080p. This difference has a 42% difference compared to the RTX 2070 desktop and the low power of the Nvidia RTX 2070 Max-Q.

From there, we saw the refreshment on the laptop and the GeForce gaming PC. On the graphics side, Nvidia has released a series of RTX Super laptops for computers and laptops. This put wave of 2020 gaming laptops uses Super GPUs at the end. With the RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super formats already updated. We also see new CPU options through Intel’s 10th generation. And the return of AMD to game laptops with the Ryzen 4000.

Knowing what you get is as confusing as ever. By 2020, you can buy laptops with “RTX 2070 Super” GPUs. But sometimes you’ll find a Max-Q variant; sometimes you won’t. This continues throughout the line, from under the GTX 1660 Ti to the most advanced option, the RTX 2080 Super. Some customers are unfamiliar with Nvidia’s GPU integration. By looking like laptops offer the same GPU. And the same performance as what you get on a GeForce gaming pc for the same desktop games.

geforce gaming pc

Take the RTX 2070 Super as an example. At the same time, both desktop and laptop models use the same physical GPU. The same 12nm TU104 dies complete with 2560 CUDA cores exist. However, some features are very different. The desktop card has a power limit of 215W, which allows the GPU to clock in 1770 MHz or more. The laptop variant has a power limit from 80 to 115W, with clocks increasing between 1155 and 1380 MHz. That means that the desktop card can shut down 28% more based on the average clock speed. And more than 50% compared to the minor mobile fix.

We can use examples throughout the lineup, but you get the point. Nvidia feels that using the same physical GPU with the same number of shaders can mark their laptop GPUs precisely as they do on desktops. This was done even though it aimed at very different power and clock speeds. And ultimate performance.

The memory configuration may also vary. The basic design is the same; both models bring 8GB of GDDR6 memory to the 256-bit bus. But if you find the high-performance Max-Q variant of the RTX 2070 Super. You’ll only see 11 Gbps memory when you compare it to 14 Gbps on the desktop. This reduces bandwidth calculations and also lowers the clock speed.

In the meantime, we’ll open up to today’s update of the specific performance you would expect between Nvidia’s desktop. And laptop GPUs with the same name. Cover all the options from the GTX 1660 Ti to the RTX 2080 Super. This will make it even more apparent the next time you buy a new game plan. You know what level of performance you are getting.

Before We Get Started on GeForce gaming pc: Test Notes

Like our previous comparison between desktops and laptops, this is not designed to be a straightforward GPU comparison. We lock the desktop platform with the same precision as the digital performance you get. There is no reduction in CPU or power limit. This is for accurate comparisons between desktop and laptop platforms. This means that a desktop PC will also have a much stronger CPU for better cooling and faster memory. These programs are usually set up in the real world so these results will show you the difference between gaming laptops. And a desktop, not between a gaming pc and a unique desktop.

We do not disclose everything with our desktop test program to crank the game laptops completely. Our test platform is equipped with a low-resolution Intel Core 5-10600K. 16GB of DDR4-3200 memory with XMP enabled. We’ve selected these components to match what’s available on most gaming laptops. You usually get an Intel six-basic CPU like the Core I 7-10750H at reasonable prices. At the same time, 16GB of memory is a common starting point.

On the laptop side, our standard test notes work. We prepare all the laptops we test with a dual-channel memorandum, cooler air cooler. And set it to stock power settings. The results you will see on the charts are an average of several programs with similar fixes. We can check out the complete list of laptops tested here.


Let’s take the benchmarks with Red Dead Redhleng 2. We’ll explore the first of 6 games in-depth before viewing a summary of the 18 games we tested in this comparison.

The first thing you will notice here is that next to each CPU and GPU configuration. This is because there are power limits, which reflect the high conservation power we have seen in these sections. Usually, the CPU and GPU will continue to date for laptops. So that could mean 45W on the CPU & 90W on the GPU. Although, with our desktop platform, how close the CPU or GPU is to the limit will depend on the game and its usage.

Such as the RTX 2070 Super listed here with a desktop variant like 215W. Its actual use is low in many games.

geforce gaming pc

We are returning to Red Dead Redhleng 2, running at 1080p in high settings with Vulkan renderer. You may have noticed that we have three desktop settings at the top of the chart.

RTX 2070 Super & RTX 2080 Super deliver breakaway performance. But the RTX 2070 comes in before the laptop configuration at 90W.

Going down the chart, we have the RTX 2060 desktop in the middle. Again, to bring more functionality than the RTX 2070 Super Max-Q. In this test, the RTX 2060 desktop is only 4 percent ahead of the RTX 2060 with laptops. Which we will come to see as a retailer. At the time, the GTX 1660 Ti was sitting eight percent ahead of its laptop counterpart.

Next, we have controls, one of the most sought-after GPUs on our channel. We are not close to having a CPU limit here, especially on computers. From the bottom, you will see that the GTX 1660 Ti desktop works from 14 percent. We are allowing it to re-enter before the low-power RTX 2060. So if you find a laptop with 80W RTX 2060, you are not at the desktop level GTX 1660 Ti.

The first bulk of the desktop is the RTX 2060 from the fastest GPU laptop setup, up to 13%. The RTX 2060 desktop is much faster than the RTX 2070 laptop. And the RTX 2070 Super Max-Q. The RTX 2060 approaches the RTX 2080 Super Max-Q model’s performance. Suitable next to those GPUs.

After all, it is blood guilt for a laptop. Our desktop RTX 2070 GPU is 30% faster on this topic. They are pulling ahead due to a high power limit of 175W compared to 115W. Super desktop GPUs compared with their 90W Max-Q equal in laptops. The margin grows to more than 40 percent allowing for a desktop model.

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