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8 Worst Gaming Injuries

Nowadays, many people like to play games at a high level. Research in 2019, an estimated 50 million people are playing in tournaments. And more than 50 billion rupees they spend on gaming. Therefore science declares that game addiction is a terrible habit for health. Over 50,000 people worldwide are victims of the worst pc gaming injuries from excessive gaming use.

Although gaming is remarkable and reasonable to play to make you healthy and stress-free, if you are exhausted, you must play a game for a few minutes. But if you are playing for more than 1hr a day, it is a gaming addiction. We are talking about all computer games or any other device. Therefore many people in the world are now facing different worst PC gaming injuries in various countries around the globe. Here we will tell you the ten worst pc gaming injuries globally. If you want to know about these worst PC gaming injuries, read this article.

Following is the list of the ten worst PC gaming injuries:

  • 3D Optical Disorder
  • Atari Skinning
  • FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Nintendo Arthritis
  • Play station Thumb
  • WASD Syndrome
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Xbox Hypertrophy

3D Optical Disorder Gaming Injury

Most people in the world love 3d games on an extreme level; they play 3d games day to night using 3d glasses. Therefore they are facing computer gaming injuries of 3d ocular disorders. These are the very worst injury in the world. In this, in damage, you may close your eyes. So you can not see the world anymore. This injury affects the shaded area of the eye. Therefore make yourself safe and alive. Growing up, if you used VR headsets such as the Nintendo Virtual Boy or SEGA VR, you now suffered eye-twitching and blurred vision. Although you don’t play 3d games all the time, if you want to play 3d games, then use excellent quality company glasses for 3d gaming. These high-level glasses will make your eyes safe and alive.

Atari Skinning Gaming Injury

In most cases, you have seen the design of an Atari controller, and then you won’t be surprised to hear that it was guilty of causing some horrific injuries. Because most gamers use the atari controller, the tips of the fingers get injured, and some brown layers occur on the fingers. It is a very much dangerous disease in the world. If somebody has these doses, they cannot touch and feel anything quickly because the sense of the fingers goes dead. In Australia, an eight-year-old boy has become the victim of this injury. Then the Australian government decided to stop using the atari controller, but they could not make it successful.

FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Gaming Injury

Worst Gaming Injuries

These diseases are prevalent and also very dangerous for your hand or wrist. It happens because of too much usage of the mouse. Mostly it happens by playing FPS games. FPS means first-person shooter games. In this game, you must put pressure on your arms to make your mouse move quickly. Therefore, carpal tunnel syndrome decrease occurs. Therefore don’t play too much FPS gaming in your daily life; otherwise, it will happen to you. The treatment of this disease is also complicated and rare. So don’t make your money waste on these worst diseases.

Nintendo Arthritis Gaming Injury

Worst Gaming Injuries

They are the disease of the figure. If you heard about Nintendo, Arthritis is a form of arthritis brought on by repetitive and excessive playtime on the Nintendo console. These diseases make your finger joint with another joint. In these diseases, you can not move your fingers properly. The fingers surround the swelling, so don’t use too many PlayStation handles to make your finger active and movable. The treatment of these diseases is very costly in the world. So please don’t waste your money on it.

Play station Thumb

Worst Gaming Injuries

There are other prominent gamer diseases in the world. Most gamers face this type of problem with Playstation 2 controller friction with players the thumbs of the gamer after playing the PlayStation 2. FIFA and Call of Duty addicts gamers are facing this problem mostly. The gamers of the PlayStation 2 should avoid too much use of this. Otherwise, they can lose their thumbs to these diseases. Don’t play on these hard sticks later if you don’t want to lose your inch.

WASD Syndrome

Worst Gaming Injuries

This disease is also like Carpal disease,’ but it happens on the top end of the finger. Carpal diseases are also hazardous. Conditions in the world make you helpless in the world. The repetitive strain on the finger joints leads to arthritic symptoms with muscles, then the fingers of the human look very ugly. Excessive use of a gaming keyboard can cause this disease. You can not use the keyboard all the time. Otherwise, it will happen to you. In this injury, you can not move your hand quickly and adequately.

Shoulder Dislocation

gaming injuries

When the “Nintendo Wii” was released in the international gaming market in 2006, it revolutionized after a few years. The WiiMote is allowed the gamer to get more physically with it. So they play with a better experience. With this type of technology, they faced injury and dislocation of the shoulder. Many youngsters are facing this injury. They are suffering from this injury from this type of gaming experience. So don’t use this Wiimote too much, and make yourself healthy and active.

Xbox Hypertrophy

Suppose you are a fan of XBOX gaming if you regularly play games on XBOX. After reading about this injury, I hope you will no longer see an XBOX fan. There is a very awkward injury that happens by the over usage of XBOX. These are the term given to the hands when your hands become swell every day, and then you will feel pain on both sides because of the too much use designed Xbox controller. So please don’t use too much and make your life safe and healthy.

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