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Gameboy Advance – The successor console that was never released

Gameboy Advance
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Was Nintendo developing a new Gameboy Advance after the launch of the DS? A recent leak seems to indicate that it was. We will tell you the details.

Gameboy Advance has starred in a new leak related to Nintendo. This revelation has focused on a supposed Gameboy Advance model. That would have been released in the same week as the Nintendo DS.

Book change could not be said much about the newly discovered genre. The Dual Screen’s launch and its subsequent success would have hampered this console’s display intended for communication between the GBA and the touch console.

User WaluigiBSOD reported on IRIS, a canceled SP fan who was never seen but would be in Nintendo’s plans. The leaker provided several files and documents to verify the findings and tutorials in Japanese.

As the information pointed out, the console would have only presented minor changes. This could trigger it never being developed and released for sale. It would be very similar to the Gameboy Advance SP that we all know, but with DS hardware.

The decision not to launch this console seems quite logical. Even though Nintendo tried to make the Gameboy Advance SP. And Nintendo DS coexists in the same ecosystem, and the latter monopolizes the entire market. So a new Game Boy wouldn’t have been very successful.

And talking about the improved version of Game Boy Advance, we discussed discovering an imaginary SP model yesterday. That could be part of a unique collector’s collection and purchased at an unexpected price.

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