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How to Get Free Commercial PC Games

free commercial pc games

Do you want to get commercial games for PC completely free? We are not talking about free-to-play or weekend tests on Steam. But complete commercial games for sale that you can get for 0 euros. If you know where to look, they can get it for free (and legal, of course). We explain it to you; video games are experiencing the best moment in their history. To the point that today you can download commercial PC games for free. Without hacking!

It is no secret that digital games, in general. And Steam games, in particular, saved computer video games from extinction. Ten years ago, piracy was about to demolish the market. These were terrible times when almost no console titles came out for computers. For fear of hacking. But then Steam came along, with its policy of reasonable prices and easy buying. And the convenience of downloads opened the door to hope. The support of online gaming and the community built around PC gaming was necessary.

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Steam now has more than 150 million active users, and all non-exclusive console games are released for the computer. In the last few years, more than 6,000 new games have been released on Steam. Awesome!

The competition is so high that some digital platforms even offer free commercial PC video games to download. A complete game that you add to your account and keep forever. We will show you how to get them.

Free games on Twitch and Amazon Prime

Let’s start with the newest system to get free PC games, the least known ones.

A few years ago, Amazon bought Twitch, the most popular video game streaming platform. Suppose you have an Amazon Prime subscription. You can try for one month for free; you get a Twitch Prime subscription. That gives you advantages such as watching streaming games without advertising. But they also give you free commercial PC games, DLCs, and particular objectives for the games. For example, Twitch Prime users have gotten free Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Kentucky Route Zero, in recent months. And season 1 of The Walking Dead:

free commercial pc games

Gifts change every month. In November, you get a circus envelope with golden Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft cards, clothing, and weapons. And a horse only for Assassin’s Creed Origins, five loot chests from Heroes of the Storm, and more:

What do you have to do to get these gifts?

You must first have an Amazon Prime account, which costs € 19.99 a year but serves many things. Free shopping shipments, access to Amazon Prime Video, photo store, etc. You can also try a month for free and get the gifts.

Once you have Amazon Prime, from this Twitch Prime page, you link your Amazon account with a Twitch account. It can be your usual Twitch account or a new one you created at that time. From now on, you will be a Twitch Prime user. On the Twitch page, when you log in, you will see an icon with a crown leading to the rewards:

free commercial pc games

You can download free PC video games like Hearthstone cards or exclusive items from Assassin’s Creed Origins. You must log in with your Blizzard when you click the button. Or Ubisoft accounts, the rewards added to your account, and the games. To access your collection of free PC games, you can download the Twitch desktop app, which works for Steam.

Origin is another option to download free PC games

EA’s video game platform Origin has a section called Invite the house. There is always a free PC game to download, which changes frequently. For example, a few weeks ago, they gave away Steamworld Dig. And right now, you can download Plants vs. Zombies The Game of the Year edition, which is free:

If you don’t have a free Origin account, create one, and the game will add to your library, and you will keep it forever.


Another platform that usually gives away games is GoG. With the advantage that they do not have DRM (copy protection). So you can use them on any computer without limitations. This month they are giving away the classic MDK:

It works like Origin or Steam: we created a free GoG account, and the game was added to our library. You can download an application to access the collection of games.

Are there free PC games on the Humble Store?

Humble Store is an online store that sells 100% official Steam keys. Thus all the games are in Spanish (if such a version exists, of course. It became famous for its great Humble Bundle, game packs that cost what you want to pay, so they are almost free. When you download it (you have to create a free account), it gives you a password that you redeem on Steam to keep the game.

Ubisoft Store

The Ubisoft Store has also become fond of giving away games from time to time. For example, in recent months, they have offered to download the free Watch_Dogs and The Crew. And the classic Splinter Cell, Beyond Good & Evil, Farcry 3 Blood Dragon, and Prince of Persia The Sand of Time. There is no pattern. They usually do it or celebrate something, so you must be vigilant.

Games at zero cost on Steam

It is possible to find free games on Steam, as happened a few weeks ago with Fallout. But they are gifts from the companies themselves, not from Steam. So they are impossible to predict.

How do I find out about free games?

As we have mentioned, these promotions are usually random. Except for the Invita, the Origin house is permanent. So you must visit the websites often or subscribe to their newsletters to avoid losing any free PC games.

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