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The best free online games for PC and consoles

free online games

Playing video games should not be expensive entertainment. There are countless free online games that you can enjoy on your PC, console, or mobile phone. But you must understand what a free concept means, at least in this area.

Few online video games are free. And the ones that do exist are not very good. Making a quality game requires time and money and maintaining servers. So the so-called free online games are a game. We can play for free, but if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, you will have to make minimal payments to purchase specific equipment, new game levels, tickets for certain events, etc.

Some of these games allow you to get this extra content without paying, simply by meeting challenges while playing. But in most cases, they are repetitive tasks, like winning 100 matches to bring you a reward chest—all with the intention that the player gets tired and goes through the box.

We have selected the best free online games you can play in 2018 on PC and consoles. We have found that they offer many hours of fun without paying and that microtransactions are optional and fair. To download!

Heroes of the Storm (PC, Mac)

free online games

DotA led the way, followed by others such as DotA 2, League of Legends, Smite, or Heroes of the Storm. We chose the past because it is new, but any of the others are at the same level of popularity and quality. In addition, they are a real poker of aces, which Strife should also be added.

We are talking about the best MOBAs. It is a multiplayer game in which two teams of five must conquer the opponent’s base, vigorously defended by turrets, traps, and the players themselves. Each player wields a hero with unique powers and can recruit minor troops. Although there are variants, all MOBAs follow a similar scheme. They are games that last for years (they launched League of Legends in 2009) thanks to constant updates and the release of new heroes, abilities, maps, etc.

League of Legends is the most played, thanks to its more simplified and accessible game system than DotA. However, the latter was born as a MOD of Warcraft III, so Blizzard’s creators have developed an official sequel, Heroes of the Storm, which takes some of League of Legends’ ideas as a more accessible game system for the newbies.

Heroes of the Storm brings together over 70 Blizzard game heroes, from Overwatch to Starcraft to Diablo, and offers a variant of DotA 2 where there are no items. Instead, heroes gain skills by leveling up. In addition, the games are shorter than other MOBAs, based on meeting objectives, since the maps focus on conquering the opponent’s base and controlling certain monsters or secondary purposes.

Hearthstone Game (PC, iOS, Android)

free online games

Although it is a few years old, Blizzard continues to add content to what is already one of the most successful free online games in history. It is a turn-based card game where players manage decks that include heroes, monsters with different abilities, weapons, powers, traps, and other aids that can change the game’s sign. The rules are comfortable, and the games are very dynamic and entertaining. It can create infinite strategies with hundreds of cards that have come out.

An Adventure Mode has recently been released, which allows you to play solo games.

Although you can buy envelopes and heroes with money, the envelopes can also be obtained by playing, winning games, and beating different retros. It is a great game; you can play for months without buying anything.

Play for free Hearthstone

Star Wars Game: The Old Republic

Although it sounds strange, a few Star Wars games are on the market. They have been in crisis for decades, and there is no excellent title in sight after the cancellation of a couple of them and the problem of loot boxes with Star Wars Battlefront II.

One of the significant recent years is the already veteran Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer RPG that started out paying for a monthly fee but is now free.

On paper, it’s the dream of any Star Wars fan: you play a character from one of the races in books and movies, including the legendary Jedi. However, being a bounty hunter or an imperial agent is more fun. So choose a side and participate in solo or team missions with your friends throughout the Galaxy. You can pilot ships and vehicles and visit the main planets and scenes from the movies. That, yes, 3,000 years before the films, in the saga timeline.

Play Free Star Wars: The Old Republic

Raceroom Racing Experience (PC)

To add a little to our list of the best free online games, we have added one of the more advanced driving simulators, the Raceroom Racing Experience. It is a free-to-play game, but you will surely want to buy cars and circuits if you get hooked.

We are talking about a full-fledged simulator that requires a steering wheel and pedals to enjoy it to the fullest. Although it also works well with the gamepad. Online races are a dog’s face, but you must practice for many hours. And tune your vehicle to the maximum before winning any race. However, its level of realism is so high that professional pilots use it. And it is used to conduct official competitions such as DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters.

If you’re looking for a little more accessible, Forza Motorsport 6 Apex doesn’t cost money.

We have selected free online games that guarantee you months of fun without spending a single euro. If none convinces you and you are looking for commercial games at a reasonable price. You can use this discount code, G2A, to benefit from significant discounts.

If you’re looking for more excellent free games, check out this other PC-centric compilation we did a few months ago. If you still want more fun, here is a list of other essential titles:

  •     World of Tanks Blitz
  •     Killer Instinct
  •     Team Fortress 2
  •     Paladins
  •     Black Squad
  •     World of warships
  •     War Thunder
  •     Neverwinter
  •     Eve-online
  •     The Elder Scrolls: Legends
  •     HEX: Shards of Fates
  •     Tribes: Ascend

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