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Color in the numbers of Paint paintings App

free android apps

There are many free coloring apps on Android. Still, Color by Number Oil Painting is the best, as it contains hundreds of beautiful, sophisticated images in various categories (such as ‘birds’ and ‘still alive’), with many images added every day.
Coloring these pictures is accessible and recognizable. There are some numbers at the footer side of the screen, each representing the color and part of the image to be completed in that shade. The number dialing highlights all the relevant features of the image, which you can tap to achieve the appropriate shade.

It sounds simple, but when pictures can have many different numbers with many smaller pieces of images taken by each other, it can take a long time to fill them all.
To make things more straightforward, you can touch the bucket icon to automatically fill in all the parts of the image related to the given number, but you should watch ads to do this without feeling like you’re paying, and still, it sounds like cheating. It is best to complete each picture by hand. It satisfies that way and a lot of the project.

The only thing we have for color with Numbers Oil Painting is a large number of ads because you also have to look at them at least once when you start a new image and at various other times. Subscribing removes these and opens more photos, but at $ 19.99 / £ 19.99 per month or $ 39.99 / £ 39.99 per year, we can’t recommend that unless you use the app a lot.


free android apps

Tattoodo is a great place to start if you are searching for tattoo inspiration. The app has many tattoo images that you can browse or follow the tattoos to see their drawings or search for a specific style or appearance.
Your favorite tattoos can be saved for easy access to the image. Tattoodo also lets you find the nearest tattoo shops and upload photos of your tattoos, book hire, and solicitation consultations.

That’s just part of the app, though – among the part most people would like. But Tattoodo also allows you to set up an artist account, allowing tattoos to add their tattoo studio and portfolio to the app and make them visible in many customer functions.

Arts and Culture on Google App

free android apps

We’ve written about Google Arts and Culture before, but it should be highlighted again, as the app has been firmly updated with new content and features.
There is some amount of controversial content within these free android apps. For example, you can look at high-quality types of famous works of art and zoom in to get a better look. You can see 360-degree videos and – with the help of a VR headset – a realistic tour of museums and other attractions.
You can also visit these sites using Street View, both external and internal content covered. There are also essays, details on local events and exhibitions, the ability to save your favorite art to get back quickly, and much more.

And if you make it a show in the real world, you can also use Google Google & Culture to learn more about art by simply pointing your phone camera at them. This is a critical download if you are interested in passing on art or culture.


free android apps

What’s more, it could be an android app to take your social media game to the next level; it has all the options you need to create a custom format full of photos, photos, and text, suitable for Instagram, Facebook, and many other social sites or used for posters and flyers.

The app able you to choose from a range of canvas sizes, many directly related to the extent used by popular social networking sites, and allows you to add images and text to them, with a variety of options available, including font range, ability to adjust colors and shapes, and more.
Most include many pre-made graphics to do your projects, and once you’re done creating. You can easily share your design in other apps or save them like JPG or PNG.
The essential tools are free, but power users may want to pay for Pro subscriptions. This gives you access to, most of all: multiple fonts, overlays, and template databases. So you don’t have to build your designs from scratch.

Houzz App

Redesigning or upgrading your home can be daunting, but Houzz can make it less manageable.

This can be done by inspiring it through its millions of photographic libraries, exterior exhibitions, and various styles.

It can also do that by giving you one storefront to find and buy all the furniture. And other items you need, to the point where you can see the products in your home, using the realities of dislike.

And it m helping you find professionals – such as architects and builders – to do the hard work for you.

If you plan to do this work yourself, there will still be a lot of helpful articles. And the ability to ask the Houzz community for advice.

Sticker maker

If you are using WhatsApp, you may know that the app will eventually add support for stickers. And with emojis and GIFs, you can now send large images as emojis. But there are plenty of sticker packages to choose from there, too – Sticker Maker. The option to make your own.

The app first creates a new ‘sticker pack’ that you can name, then upload an image to your phone. And cut out the part of the image you want to use as a sticker. This is a free android app; you can use the tools to cut a square or the right circle.

You can also change the image and save it in your package when happy. Packets can hold up to 30 stickers but require at least three. Once you have done at least three, you can send the package to WhatsApp, where you might use your custom stickers like others.

You can do that if you want to add or remove stickers from the package. You can also make extra pockets if you have more than 30 sticky ideas or keep your bags with them.

Sticker Action is a pure app and valuable for anyone who loves WhatsApp stickers but wishes the person himself made them.


Pixels are a database of images you can use for free for any purpose, including commercial use, without needing a feature (although noting attributes is appreciated).

You can search using keywords or browse images while photographing a photographer behind a photo. It will show you some of their work on Pexels and allow you to follow them. So you never miss anything new they upload.

You can ‘like’ and collect photos within pixels if you want to take them off the app. You can easily share them on Instagram or other android apps, save them as your wallpaper or download them.

But Pexels also allows you to become one of the photographers. Because you can upload your pictures to the app for others to use. However, you choose to use Pexels, a great, beautiful app.


SketchBook is not a new app, but many features are used to cost money. It is now completely free, making it worth coming back for.

The now free features include more than 130 brush applications, customized canvas sizes, various rulers, high-quality photo importers, and more.

And that’s more than all the essential free tools that are already free, like the layout editor and pen mode. All come together to make this the most sketching app available on Android.

Coming from Autodesk, the power of SketchBook shouldn’t surprise us, but an app that looked worth the money before. And is now even more valuable once you’ve played with the concept of digital drawing.


Ever wanted your custom emoji and star stickers rather than regular faces? After that, you have to download Bitmoji.

This allows you to recall your similarities in cartoon format, with many tools available to make them look as complete. Then you can select an outfit and get to several, if not hundreds, of attachments. Each of these applies to you.

This can be shared on various chat and social services, but Bitmoji has deep connections to Gboard. Allowing you to share its sticks directly on the keyboard. It also is linked to your Snapchat account, making your Bittermo in your Snapchat avatar.

You can change the look of your Bitmoji at any time, so if you change your hairstyle. You can change their resemblance or give them a new outfit. And new sticks and customization options are added over time, so you shouldn’t. ‘focus.

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