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Facebook takes another step in the combination of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger

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Facebook has not given up on its intention to combine the messaging applications of different social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. And is moving again to that end.

Facebook had ambitious plans for this year, but it seems that many have fallen by the wayside, starting with the cryptocurrency Libra. Others wait for their moment to continue moving forward, such as integrating ads and purchases in Facebook WhatsApp, while some continue to take small steps. In this last situation is the unification of the chats of different social networks.

But on Facebook, they know that this plan must go little by little, and they can suffer an investigation for monopolistic techniques to the minimum false step. A month ago, they already made a slight movement by advancing Instagram users the option of joining their chat with Facebook Messenger. In addition, the application for professionals’ Facebook Business Suite has merged social networks’ chats in the last hours.

Those companies and freelancers who use the Facebook Business Suite application will read the messages from both applications in a single inbox.

In Hypertextual, they have come to this news through the blog of the director of operations. In addition, Sheryl Sandberg has advanced other advantages that come to the application after the new update. Like the one we cited or were able to post on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

The company already advances that this step is just one more in its intention to unite WhatsApp. However, the truth is that a shift in perspective is still needed to fit the strategy. This messaging application has functions very different from the other two in everything that refers to business.

This change will be available today for small companies, although those that value as significant. However, we assume that due to the number of followers, they will have to wait until 2021 to use the new features of the management tool.

At the moment, there are no more actions when it comes to private users. But we can bet it won’t take long to see one. Facebook they have shown all these years that, good or bad, the movement does not stop.

On the other hand, Apple has blocked the latest Facebook update. Due to the information being included in the percentage of revenue taken with each purchase.

The payment system in iOS is being discussed from different fronts. A couple of weeks ago, the controversy Q began when Epic Games. I decided to incorporate an alternative Technique to skip the 30% that Apple takes. Unfortunately, this caused the blocking of Fortnite on iOS. Since then, an exciting debate has prompted some actions, such as Facebook’s last one.

Facebook has pronounced to incorporate in its latest update an informative notice when making purchases; in it, it is noted that Apple will take 30% of the customer’s expense. This movement has caused Apple to block the new version of Facebook.

It should be remembered that Facebook is implementing new shopping options. For products or tickets, obtaining benefits can be minimal if Apple takes such a percentage with each movement.

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