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Facebook Dark Mode, At last releases on iOS

Facebook Dark Mode

It took more than a year, but Facebook Dark Mode finally reached users. We will show you how you can activate it.

In some apps, Dark Mode is taking longer than expected. This is the case of Facebook on iOS, which had been in a closed beta for months. But at last, Facebook’s Dark Mode on iOS is starting to reach users.

Google and Apple imposed white interfaces years ago, but they have proven not helpful for the eyes because they generate too much brightness. That is why, in recent times, central operating systems and apps have begun to implement Dark Mode, which prioritizes black backgrounds and dull colors to generate less brightness.

If you have an OLED screen, as in the new iPhone 12 and earlier, there is an additional benefit: as in OLED screens, the color black does not turn on the LEDs; it saves battery.

Apple released Dark Mode in iOS 13 more than a year ago, and little by little, all the apps have been incorporating it. But one of the most used was missing: Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced it would include Dark Mode on Facebook for iOS last April. And began testing it in closed beta in June, according to 9to5Mac.

Finally, as of today, Facebook has begun to activate it in the final version of the users. As confirmed by Jane Manchun Wong. You can see below in action in the video:

This new Facebook Dark Mode for iOS is not yet available to everyone since they will be activating it in phases.

If you want to check if it has already reached you, make sure you have installed the latest Facebook version for iOS. Enter Settings and Privacy, and here you will see the new Dark Mode option. You can activate, deactivate, or adjust it according to the System. That is, it will adapt to how you started on iOS.

A new option that many Facebook users for iPhone will appreciate. Because, in addition to the rest for the eyes that it supposes, they will save battery thanks to its OLED screen.

This Dark Mode reached the web version of Facebook a few months ago.

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