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Everything we know about ‘Sun Valley‘ the great visual update of Windows

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Microsoft would be working on a new Sun Valley update, a significant visual wash for the Windows 10 interface. This would affect so many areas of the operating system and make dark mode much more consistent. In principle, it would not arrive until the end of 2021.

Windows 10 does not stop being renewed, in addition to the change in the start menu you have seen with the October 2020 update. Another significant push and visual change are expected for next year. Next, we will tell you everything we know about the Sun Valley update. The graphical update for the operating system promises to break with everything current.

It seems that Microsoft wants to revitalize the user interface of Windows 10 in 2021. For this, they are preparing a major update to the operating system that will bring about a significant design change. Windows Central advances information based on anonymous sources.

As they say, this design change project is codenamed Sun Valley update and is expected to ship as part of the Windows 10 Cobalt launch scheduled for Christmas 2021. Unfortunately, this means that there may be many changes between now and one year. Therefore, the project is discarded definitively or even delayed until 2022.

Windows Experiences would head this visual change project in the Windows 10 interface. And the Devices team led by the product director Panos Panay.

It is still unclear what visual changes we could see in this regard. Everything seems to point to new experiences in the start menu and the Activities Center. Probably inspired by the same ones found in Windows 10X, but this time designed for the desktop. Another change would come in an updated taskbar built under modern code. And a new and improved user interface for the file explorer.

These changes would also aim to round the corners in windows throughout the Windows 10 interface, including external applications and other areas. For example, there would be an improvement to Windows 10’s dark mode. But they are now making it available in different user interface legacy areas. It is not confirmed, but this visual design change could come with an evolution of Fluent Design.

It will also offer some customization and freedom to the user to choose to stay with the current Windows 10 design. Or move to the updated design, at least in the first version of this release.

As we have previously commented, it is an update that will begin to be tested by Insiders. In mid-2021, to reach the final public in the last quarter of the year.

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