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The Best websites to download free Windows programs

download windows software

Windows 10, Microsoft’s operating system, has been with us for years. Released back in July 2015 to the public, many users are betting on this version to enjoy all the features. But if you are one of them, still in one of the previous versions of Microsoft, we tell you which are the relevant websites to download the Windows software for free.

If you are reading the article, you likely have a computer updated to Windows 10. The success of this version of the Microsoft operating system is structurally based on two reasons: 1st, the migration to Windows 10 has been for a long time Free for end-users of variants 7 & 8, and 2nd, those who have stopped receiving updates to previous versions.

Both reasons are related since being out-of-date software is not security-wise safe. Consequently, there is a massive risk that a virus infects the pc – the significant security threat of these years – & doesn’t have new security protection measures that the latest version does incorporate. The company assured that Windows 10 users did not fear being infected by Winery because the most significant ransomware has already been attacked in history.

But it is not the Windows update we talked about this time. What we wanted to select for you is a compilation of those web pages that are worth trying out for free Windows software. These are a few web pages that offer a wide range of safe options for downloading windows software so that you can download the software you need on your PC.

The reliable websites to download free Windows software

We begin the review by the Microsoft Store. Indeed, it is the official Microsoft page for downloading programs: it may seem obvious. But many people still do not know its existence (and usefulness). Among its advantages is the official operating system page, which ensures that we have the original program and minimizes the possibility of computer viruses entering our computer.

In inclusion to the official Microsoft website, clarify that online. We may search for different websites to download Windows 10 programs for free. These sites have safety & security measures that will provide security from the garbage, including malware & other pc viruses on most download websites. Also, having a multitude of processes open at the same time is a fact.


SourceForge is one of the best websites to download software (including programs and codes) for free. It is an essential reference for many. Although this is an excellent reputation was questioned when spyware was detected in a few programs attached with wrong tabs to download applications. Fortunately, the web has been thoroughly improved & now -such as we search more than 1,300 apps for Windows 10.


FossHub is also one of the websites that is safe and trustworthy. It is a fact that you can read a manifesto where they reject practices, for example, the installation of harmful software for the end-user. It is a clear advantage for the user: the free software is well organized. The download options are innovative & it is mainly operating systems they are compatible with. Of course, the best alternative is to download a Windows program.

How to know which version of Win 10 is installed

Tucows is more than just a download site. It started as a pioneering site for software downloads with programs for different operating systems. At present, it also offers domain sales services in some countries. They have even launched to provide mobile phone and fiber Internet services.

download windows software

We finish this review of the best sites to install free Windows 10 programs with Ninite. Rated for a time as the best website to obtain free software safely. Here you are assured that your application will not infect with garbage. It has an installer where we can save the program or programs (supports simultaneous download) that we want to install on our device and automatically receive updates.
At this point, undoubtedly, one of these web pages will have convinced you to download the program you were looking for safely. And if not, what websites do you use to download Windows programs?

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