How to Download Videos without any Softwares, from any Browser

Although the current data rates and connections allow you to watch hours of online video, there are still many reasons why you would like to download videos without software. Here we show you how you can download online videos of any service without programs and from any browser.

Download from any Browser

Once here, paste the address you copied into the VideoCyborg bar and press the Enter key. After a brief analysis of the URL you have pasted, It will show the progress bar that was indicating the processing of the video.

This system is advantageous to download videos from any site, whether they are hosted on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or your servers. The only drawback that embedded videos through JavaScript, for everything else, there is no video to resist,

Download YouTube video by modifying the URL

To download videos without software from youtube, the first step will be to click on the browser’s address bar and remove the “ube” fragment from the YouTube URL and press the Enter key to execute the new address.

Here, click on the MP4 (video) option and then click on Record MP4. So, the video will start downloading on your computer; now, you can watch it offline.

Download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone

Would you like to download an Instagram video on your iPhone or Android smartphone?. We will describe here how to use them.

iPhone: download Instagram videos with Workflow

Apple makes the Workflow app available to iPhone users, a tool for automating workflows. That is capable of performing more than 200 tasks. In previous tutorials, we have already told you how to download YouTube videos from the iPhone and iPad. But it also allows you to download them from Instagram.

To do this, install and activate Workflow as explained in the previous tutorial and then use this Workflow. Please enter the link from your iPhone’s browser and click Get Workflow to add it. Open Instagram & copy the video URL by selecting the three-dot icon & selecting the Copy link. So that the relationship saved on the clipboard.

Now enter on Workflow, click on the Instagram video & press the Play at the top. Wait for the process & video will be saved on your reel.

iPhone: download Instagram videos with Regrammer

Regrammer is another application for download videos without software from Instagram on your iPhone. It’s readily available on the App Store for free.

Once you installed it on your phone, please copy the link of the video as we indicated above in the previous step. Now paste the URL in the text field and select a Preview.

An ad may appear before watching the video, so if it seems, wait a few seconds for it to pass. Now you can watch the video & download it click on the Share tab, and Save video.

iPhone: download the Instagram videos through Grabit

You can have the app if you want to download Instagram videos on your iPhone. Which you can get from the App Store for free.

When you have, it installed, log in with your Instagram credentials and find the video you want to download. To download it to the reel of your iPhone, you have to click on the download icon. Besides, it has the advantage that you can also use this method to download photos.

download videos without software

iPhone: file manager used for download Instagram videos

If you have an iPhone, another alternative that you can use to download Instagram videos to your mobile, it’s straightforward; copy the URL of your video, then go to the browser button and type in address bar, or Now paste the video link to save it on the iPhone.

download videos without software

Android: Instagram videos download from the video downloader

For Android-based smartphones, we have Video Downloader for Instagram, which you can get for free on Google Play. As in the iOS app, the first step is to copy the video link. Android is obtained in the same way. By clicking on the icon with three dots and selecting the Copy URL option. Once you have it, a small shortcut will appear on the screen to Video Downloader for Instagram. And paste the link in the text field to download the video.

Android: How to download videos through iGrab

Android offers you another tool to download Instagram videos for free is iGrab. Once you have download on your phone, access with your Instagram through login. And look for the video you want to download using the app. Either by selecting it among the users you follow or using the keyword search engine.

Once you have located the video, downloading it is as simple as possible. Click the download button for a few seconds; your required content will save in the gallery of your phone.

Android: Download Instagram video with saving & report

Another option Save & Repost for Instagram, which will be very useful for downloading the videos you want to download from this social network. It’s available at Google play store for free.

First installed, to download the content to the gallery copy the URL of the video. Access the app, and then click on the download icon on the left corner.

download videos without software

Android: download videos with FastSave for Instagram

Another free application available on google play store for downloading Instagram videos

Just install the tool, start with activation & activate the slider from the center of the window to start the service. After completion, enters on Instagram to join the social network and copy the link of your video you want to download. It will begin to automatically, and the file will save in the gallery of your phone.


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