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11 things you might not know about Disney Plus

The new Disney platform is almost here. Therefore, we tell you everything you should know about Disney hub and some things you might not know about Disney +. Disney + is the high platform with all the content of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, and extras of National Geographic, Fox, and exclusive material.

Yes now. It has rained since November and the premiere of the platform in the United States. But Disney + is getting closer to its launch in Spain. Therefore, we have decided that it is time to gather everything you need to know about Disney +, and surely you did not realize some data and functions.

On March 24, Disney will premiere its platform in our country. The idea is to create an extensive library with all the content that Disney has released these years. You will receive the new cinematographic films, but they also plan original content exclusive to the platform.

Our Business Insider colleagues have already given you all the details of Disney+. We will explain along the following lines how much content there will be at the Disney hub at its launch if you have a trial period and what we can expect from the platform.

Index of contents:

  • Test days
  • Disney + content at its premiere in Spain
  • Suggestions mailbox
  • Extra content for movies
  • Chromecast support
  • Simultaneous screens and download of series and movies
  • Marvel content
  • And Star Wars content
  • Simultaneous premieres
  • Disney documentaries
  • National Geographic, Fox, and The Simpsons

You have trial days and launch offers

The best thing about Disney + in Disney hub, that it’s a great asset, is the price. The service has a monthly cost of 6.99 euros, but it will land with a launch offer that lowers the price to 4.99 euros per month, which means 59.99 euros per year.

This offer can purchase until March 23, one day before the premiere of Disney + in Spain. Also, the platform has a 7-day trial period. Yes, it is scarce, but it remains to see if its content satisfies you.

A vast library At Disney Hub

One of the central claims of Disney + is its vast library. Indeed, there are not too many original movies, series, and programs, but the company’s wardrobe is enormous.

For example, we will launch the following:

  • 400 catalog movies
  • 100 recent movies
  • 7,500 episodes of television series
  • The Simpson
  • More than 350 hours of National Geographic.

There are series that will be, and surely you did not expect, as Gargoyles, but also original productions created for Disney + as:

  • Marvel Project Heroes
  • The Mandalorian

You can send suggestions (another thing is that they pay attention to you)

One thing you might not know about Disney + is that you can send suggestions for Disney to consider them.
The safest thing is that they ignore you if what you are asking for are series, but if it is something related to the operation of the platform, or options that are not, but could be, the safest is that Disney does take you in the account.

The movies have their extra content

One thing that I like the most about the physical format. And what I look for in everything that Disney has are the extras. In Netflix movies, HBO, and this type of service. We have no reserves of “how it did,” “behind the scenes,” or other content that we do have in the physical format.

Well, good news for lovers of this content since Disney + will have a special section in their productions.

Chromecast will be our friend

disney hub

Not all applications are compatible with Chromecast, but fortunately, Disney + will be. Disney intends for the platform to be on consoles, pay-TV services, and virtually any device. Therefore, Disney + will be compatible with Chromecast as soon as the service is available in our country.

Four screens at a time and download Disney +

disney hub

One thing you might not know about Disney + is that it can be used by four users simultaneously. That is if you were afraid of not being able to share your account. Do not fear because it is something Disney advertises on its website. Also, it will allow us to download content to view offline on up to 10 devices. So you have tablets and mobiles covered to spare.

Marvel is from Disney, and the new series will join the movies

If we go into content, at this point, you should know that Marvel is from Disney. That means that the entire Marvel movie universe will be at Disney +. However, it will not be the only thing since the producer is developing several series starring the same actors appearing on the big screen. And that also will be intertwined with the movies of the cinema.

We have confirmed the series for Loki, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Falcon for UCM Phase 4. But we can expect many more in the future.

And more of the same with Star Wars

And, as we say, the same goes for Star Wars. The films in the series are, on the one hand (and will be available on Disney +). But the producer is also preparing a series. For now, we already have the fantastic El Mandalorian. But very soon, the shooting of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s film will begin with Ewan McGregor himself as Obi-Wan.

Simultaneous releases and weekly episodes

disney hub

We don’t have this problem in streaming platforms, but in traditional television, yes. Are the Disney + series and movies going to be released simultaneously in all countries? The answer is yes, so we will not have to wait for an adaptation time (dubbing) to enjoy that content in our country.

For example: when season 2 of The Mandalorian arrives, we will have it in Spain as in the United States. And yes, the system will not be Netflix for premieres: every week, there will be a new chapter.
A walk through the most classic Disney with Walt Disney!

One of the things you might not know about Disney + is that Walt Disney will tell us some of the company’s secrets. And Disney had some documentaries in the past narrated by Disney. And those documentaries will be on the streaming video platform.

The National Geographic documentaries and Fox content

And we end up with something you might not know about Disney +, but that is one of its greatest assets. A few months ago, Disney certified the purchase of Fox. This means that Fox’s Marvel superheroes (Deadpool, Fantastic 4, X-Men) become the mouse’s company. But The Simpsons are in the pack. +

Yes, we can see the entire series of The Simpsons at the Disney hub and the National Geographic documentaries. The Fox movies that Disney decides and expect them to expand the UCM with the “new” Marvel characters.

So, this is all you should know about Disney hub(Disney Plus). Indeed there are things that you already know. But others may have happened under your radar because the service was only available in the United States.

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