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Data Security is Essential for Digital Marketing Companies!

Digital marketing is a sector that has regularly been rising in our country for about ten years. Companies now want to sell the products they produce online, even outside our major cities. The desire to offer products and services by reaching more masses faster. And without the need for physical structuring is progressing in a continually rising situation. Turkey is among the leading countries in digital marketing companies and sales through e-commerce in the continent of Europe and the Middle East in this regard. Apart from the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon, Spain. The Mediterranean Countries are among the countries with the highest penetration, with Italy and Eastern Europe, Poland.

But what issues should e-commerce companies pay attention to in technology companies and their structures that offer information security? The protection and storage of their data, and the “Digital Marketing Platform” that reliably transforms for them?

Turgut Taneli, the Managing Partner of Integrated Digital Marketing Platform Setrow. Explained the importance of information security for digital marketing companies. Taneli mentioned the following points in his statement regarding the subject:

There are severe deficiencies in data retention

“First of all, as we have seriously identified in the industry. We see essential deficiencies and authorization issues regarding how companies store data in their internal structure. And they are in progress without authorization through a written procedure. It is necessary to state that the e-mail and SMS information collected following KVKK is protected in internal networks (LAN). Drawing the authority and responsibilities of e-commerce department employees and sanctioning under a legal framework.

Today, many digital marketing companies continue to transmit data unprotected by any e-commerce department employee to companies that are data processors. Using e-mail attached files, flash disks, and copy-paste them into the mail body. Our first suggestion to companies will be to carry out the necessary and necessary work in this regard. Another idea is for them to cooperate with law firms experienced in “IT Law.” Some lawyers have practical experience in this regard, especially in our country. “

What should be the conditions between data processor companies and partners?

They state that the companies that process data should start with an explicit declaration of how and by whom the data will be provided and for what purpose. Taneli added to his explanations. Way companies make possible data from working institutions by paying attention to this issue. The ways they do not accept otherwise must be with the request to be notified of the authorization. Behind this, the primary and fundamental problem must be the conditions companies need to know and look for data processor partners. The data processing company can be a media agency, an integrated digital marketing platform, or an e-commerce infrastructure application. Companies should request information from these companies about the kind of structuring they have in this regard.”

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The importance of firewalls for data processing companies

They underline the importance of data processing firms’ system/network structure, proof of user rights, and accesses. And exceptional cases annotated presentation. The companies that process data must remove the admin position in notebooks and similar devices used by their staff. And thus minimize the operations that can be done independently on the relevant workstation (download, copy, turn off USB access, etc.). Data processing companies must operate under Firewall, Antivirus, and VPN structures, which are up-to-date, of high standards, and updated automatically. It must also be under the monitor/alert system of the entire system with robust DLP software. “
Dell Technologies Forum 2020 meets IT representatives in Istanbul with the global support of Intel and Microsoft on March 3. The economic and social transformation that will occur with innovation will be evaluated.

The Dell Technologies Forum provides an opportunity for all IT representatives to communicate. Discuss with experts how to transform reality.

Transformation towards 2030

This event explains how the development took place and which technologies will guide us as we move toward 2030. From the internet of objects to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. What changes the transformation in the world has created in innovation will be discussed. Also, the social impact of the conversion was discussed.

Within the scope of sustainability, prevention of discrimination. Meeting basic needs through education, health, and economic opportunities. People will focus on the future of data within the range of ethics and privacy.

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