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Devolo Magic 2 WiFi next, devolo WiFi Repeater + ac, and devolo Magic 2 DINrail are here!

devolo wifi repeater ac

Devolo presents its new Magic 2 family, which offers several solutions for any house. Regardless of its size and characteristics, it can boost the quality of its WiFi network. Now that the home network connection is used so much.

In early March, Europe was confined to home, away from the streets, offices, and family. The whole world has seen their lives restricted to their homes’ square meters. It is now when many have discovered the importance of having a strong. And a stable WiFi network that accommodates all connected devices.

Devolo has presented a new series of devices designed to enhance home networks. That has been so saturated in recent months. The new devolo wifi repeater ac family supports speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps through the electrical grid, devolo wifi repeater ac. And all under the same operating system to control them from the smartphone, Devolo OS.

Devolo highlights that since the beginning of this crisis in late February. Internet traffic in Europe has increased by more than 30%. Europeans have dedicated themselves to making video calls and viewing content via streaming. These services are responsible for more than 80% of this increase in internet use.

Teleworking, telematic education, and the coexistence of families. They had to compete for the WiFi network to use the different connected devices in the home. Many Europeans realize the need to renew and invest in a reliable WiFi network. In a video conference meeting, Marcel Schuell, Devolo’s consumer manager. Revealed that the first weeks of confinement in March saw a 100% increase in sales.

Some of the products sold out in stock, a sign of changes in consumption in society these months. That shift to teleworking and spending more time at home seems to end. But it could stay in many families for longer. Hence, the brand introduces a new product line to cut connection issues they’ve encountered—many homes.

In any case, let’s go to the Devolo news about repeaters and extenders. And other accessories to improve the WiFi signal at home.

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi next

devolo wifi repeater ac

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi next, the new WiFi Mesh solution from Devolo. It offers a performance improvement of between 20 and 30% compared to the previous generation. It allows connecting to different networks, as well as WPA3 and WPA2. With the same password through the electrical grid. Without collecting any data to follow the European data protection law. This system allows you to avoid the walls and other obstacles in the house that reduce the WiFi signal.

They use the connectivity standard to bring the network up to 500 meters away at speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps via WiFi 5. They also offer technologies. Such as Access Point Steering that directs broadband in the direction of the device. When we are moving around the house. As well as Multi-User MIMO. That allows us to provide an optimal transmission capacity for several methods.

The new Magic 2 Wi-Fi will be available in July in three variants with a 3-year warranty.

  • The Starter Kit with two adapters for 199.90 euros covers an area of ​​up to approximately 90 m².
  • The Multiroom Kit with three adapters for 299.90 euros. It covers larger spaces of up to approximately 180 m².
  • The Single Unit: a single adapter to expand an existing Magic network for € 129.90.

Devolo WiFi Repeater + AC

Unlike the previous one, this solution is designed to improve the network more open. And wide spaces where there are fewer obstacles that deteriorate the system. The new WiFi repeater does not work through the electrical installation. But through the WiFi network and supports speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps.

Schuell recommends applying this Repeater in the center of the house to expand the signal to those rooms where the router is not as secure. It is compatible with WiFi Mesh and incorporates a plug and two Ethernet ports. And it also maintains the Band Steering and the WPA3 and WPA2 support. It even integrates Beamforming technology to analyze the signal returned by the devices. And detect interference.

It can also be an access point without a router with an Ethernet port. As well as a repeater. It will be on sale in August for a price of 69.90 euros.


We continue with a third solution designed for larger houses. A professional install Magic, 2 LAN DINrail in the house’s electrical panel. Avoiding the installation of the fiber. And expanding the network through the plugs in your home.

It reaches speeds of 2,400 Mbps with the standard, like the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi, next family. This new solution will sell in August for 169.90 euros in Europe.

All these devices integrate the Devolo OS operating system. Developed by the brand to combine the different solutions in the same house. And to control all the tools from an application on the mobile.

devolo wifi repeater ac

Devolo offers functions such as the secure integration of guests in the WiFi network. Or a parental control with hours of use for the smallest of the house. As reports on the operation of the device and expansion of the system by different rooms of the house.

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