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DesignCap infographic maker can help you create stunning infographics to visualize your data. And information without the need for graphic design expertise. Choose a template, and add your information. And hit a professional-looking infographic with easy editing tools and abundant visual resources.

DesignCap provides 20 Customizable Youtube Banner Templates for your channel art inspirations.

If you can’t get your size right, all your design efforts are in vain. So before you create your channel art, pay attention to the proper YouTube banner size.

YouTube recommends that you upload your channel art to a size of 2560x1440px. But never forget that your channel art can also be found on the desktop, mobile, and TV displays. That is, YouTube can cut a different piece from your channel art for other devices.

Make sure you include all necessary visual elements, such as text and logo, in the “safe area” of your YouTube banner.

Imageboard: Youtube channel art size

Use the YouTube banner size below to make sure your channel art looks good:

  • YouTube recommends that you upload 2560 X 1440 as your channel art for the best results on all devices;
  • The small size of the image for a YouTube banner is 2048 X 1152. If you upload a smaller image than this image, you run into problems.
  • The small safe area for important information, such as text or logos on your banner, is only 1546 X 423 because large images can cross on specific devices or displays.
  • The dimensions of the image are 2560 X 423. Meaning that the “safe area” is always visible despite the screen size

If you don’t know the size of your YouTube banner, don’t worry. You can go to DesignCap to make your YouTube banner easier. By customizing the pre-made YouTube channel art templates with the correct dimensions.

In DesignCap, tons of YouTube banner templates can help you get started. Here you will find a variety of designed and customizable Youtube Channel templates.

How to Create the Perfect Poster with DesignCap: Ideas, Templates & Design Tips

Posters are among the best options for advertising everything from a new film to a sensational product to a community event. An excellent sign can turn your business or event into a bustling one. But how to do a superior poster design? We have some great poster ideas and design tips with gentle poster templates. That helps you to make your poster much easier.

Creative Poster Design Ideas For Your Inspiration. Here we show you some great poster ideas that can inspire you to create your poster. These are
  • Minimalist Posters
  • Typographic Posters
  • DesignCap Graphic posters

1. Minimalist Posters

Using some practical design elements to design the minimalist poster. And show everything about your product, brand, and product simply. You can control where your audience’s attention is going with minimalist design.

To Make Your Poster a Minimalist It’s so easy! You don’t need to use too many design elements when you create your poster. Go with some minimalist graphics or use whitespace in your design.

2. Typographic Posters

A typographic poster is a fantastic idea when you need to display a lot of information on a sign. Such as event promotion. You must show the date, time, location, and all other essential things.

If you need to provide a lot of information to your audience with a poster, you should focus more on typography.

Tip: If you create your poster with many parts, you need to arrange those items with a few blocks to keep your poster design consistent and make scanning the poster for essential information easier!

3. DesignCap Graphic posters

Sometimes, DesignCap can make your poster effective by keeping the text minimal. And focusing on the graphics.

Graphic posters may help you avoid overwhelming the audience with dense text.

The annual Halloween posters

The annual Halloween is coming again. Are you ready for this meaningful holiday? Kids love dressing up as a little devils to ask for sweets, but adults love joining the Halloween party to celebrate this holiday.

If you want to make this year’s Halloween unique and want to let go of your crying and get rid of your worries and stress. It’s an excellent idea to throw a party. After getting your party ready, it’s time to send a fun Halloween party invitation to your friends! Here in this guide, we will give you 15 Halloween party invitations!

Once your party title, time, and place are specified, you can send invitations to your friends. But it can be difficult for some users to find invitation words or don’t know what to write. Here are some keyword tips that can save you time from answering too many questions from your visitors.

  • Provide your custom policy
  • Name food and drinks
  • Provide a good invitation
  • Last Names

Provide your custom policy

Usually, most people do not know what to wear in customs or clothing. You can write your custom policy, such as custom dressing or recommendations. Or other dressing requirements.

Name food and drinks.

You should include food and drink in your Halloween party invitation. Then, parents will know if their kids can join in or have dinner. Also, they will see if they need to bring food or snacks.

Provide a good invitation

A good invitation can make your guest look like your party. And some people can’t say no when they see your Halloween party invitation.

Last Names

It’s all about Halloween party invitation templates. And detailed to make a Halloween party invitation. DesignCap will always help you create the perfect Halloween party invitations if you have any idea of design.

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