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How to delete data from a stolen Mobile Remotely


Whether you have lost it or it has been stolen, we teach you how to delete data from your stolen android phone remotely. And the information inside it can become much more valuable than the mobile itself.

Activate Device Manager

Even though remote deletion is turned on by default in many Android smartphones, it never hurts to ensure that we have it activated on our mobile. And it is always better to prevent than cure. We will show you how to delete data from an android phone or erase data from lost mobile remotely.

We will have to go to Settings> Security> Device administrators. Next, you will have to enable Allow Android Device Manager to lock or delete a lost device. As you will see, when you press a panel that says: “Delete all data, Change the password to unlock the screen or Lock the screen.”

The next thing to check is that the location is on. How? Go to Settings> Access to Location / Location (it will depend on the Android version you have installed). If it isn’t, activate it.

All right?

The next thing we should do is check that everything works correctly.Log in to your Google account on the official website of Android devices and verify that the location on the map is correct. You will see the name of your terminal, the time of the last saved position, the approximate address, and the date of your previous connection. Of course, this function will not be available on turned-off computers without a data connection or WiFi.

Delete your data from your Android phone

As you will have seen in the previous section, you have three options. Make it rings, block it, or delete the data from your stolen smartphone remotely. The first option will activate an alarm that will sound on the mobile, with a maximum volume of 5 minutes. If you choose “Block,” you can replace your screen with a password. Of course, try not to use the same password you set for your Google account.

Also, this function allows you to insert a recovery message and an optional phone number in case someone wants to return it to you. If neither of these two options works for you, all you have to do is delete your mobile data. If you decide on it, you will get a message explaining that everything you have stored on your Android will be permanently deleted. Once done, you will not be able to use the Android Device Manager again. So be very careful with this option.

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