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Five programming languages ​​condemned to die in less than a decade

Fashions come and go, and it also happens with computer programming languages. According to experts and data, some of the current computer programming languages ​​will no longer exist in less than a decade. And we will show you what they are so you don’t waste time studying them.

Mastering computer programming languages requires many years of our life, and therefore you must bet on insurance. Learning Java, Python, or JavaScript is a safe bet since they are usually programming languages ​​that have been with us for many years and are always up in all indexes month by month.
However, in this article, we want to collect the programming languages ​​that are doomed to be forgotten. Either because they are currently having fewer job offers, because their code has failed to adapt to the new times or because the user community is starting to turn your back on them.

Five programming languages ​​condemned to die in less than a decade


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Although it is a programming language with a new set of followers, it has always been among those languages ​​that have the days counted. These are evidenced by his relatively weak position in the latest Tiobe indexes, where he has always been in the last situations. And losing use month by month compared to other programming languages ​​that are much newer and have already managed to overcome.

Yes, it is a programming language that allows scaling. But other languages ​​, such as Python, have begun to overshadow it in adoption, libraries, and features.


It is an object-oriented programming language that was a superset of C. It is a programming language that has been with us for 36 years. And that has been initially used in certain Apple products.

However, Apple is already dedicated to burying Objective-C to replace it with Swift. However, there is still a good community of programmers behind this language. It is reasonable to continue losing popularity share month by month.

Many iOS and macOS developers still use Objective-C, but as soon as all migrated functions are to Swift. It seems that there will be no other choice but to disappear.


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Unfortunately, it is a programming language compiled into JavaScript and appears as one of the worst speeches ​​in several indexes throughout 2019.

Nor does it have much popularity in Reddit or forums, and it isn’t straightforward to see a broad set of programmers who decide to bet on this language.


Although it is currently in the middle of the table among the most popular programming languages ​​within the Tiobe index, its days seem more than a number. Fewer and fewer companies are looking for specialized programmers in Ruby. So it is very likely that, although it will not disappear during the next few years, we will not see it within a decade. R It is a programming language focused on statistical analysis and was initially born as a free software reimplementation of the S language.

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The Tiobe index is currently in the last position, and nothing seems to save it from its subsequent disappearance. Although within data science programming, R continues to be one of the favorites behind Python and SQL. It is beginning to lose enough popularity between them. The tendency is that Python replaces it within this programming niche, which does not predict a promising future for this language. In this way, you know the programming languages ​​with less lot today. So you don’t waste time studying them since they could have disappeared in a decade.

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