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Communicating and fixing WhatsApp problems will soon be easier

whatsapp problems
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When you have problems with WhatsApp, telling the technical service what is happening to solve it is not easy. Thanks to this new feature, it will soon be more comfortable.

When WhatsApp does not work or experiences failure, many users enter online services such as DownDetector, which reports if problems occur on the platform. This way, we can ensure the error is ours or a generalized service’s generalized failure.

But what if the WhatsApp problem is yours alone and not a general downfall? Do you understand what you can do in these cases? The platform has a technical support service that any user can contact to report malfunctions or errors in operation and transmit any complaints or comments related to the app and its function.

Even though we have this resource at our disposal, many users do not know where to experience failure in WhatsApp. And although there is a contact option within the app. It only allows us to consult the problem in the frequently asked questions or email us what happens to us. The answers to the questions raised are generally not quick. So the user must wait for the solution to the errors he is suffering.

Very soon, this will change, and it will be much easier to communicate and troubleshoot WhatsApp. WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in informing about WhatsApp news. It has detected a new function in the latest Android beta that integrates a chat with the technical support service within the application.

whatsapp problems
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Specifically, a new option will appear in the configuration section to contact support. As you can see in the screenshot, the user will be able to write the problem they are experiencing. And send it without leaving the app. The answer will be received through a chat, a much more comfortable and agile solution.

The new function to contact WhatsApp support is still in the testing phase. However, it will soon reach the standard version so all users can enjoy its benefits.

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