The best 200 PS4 games, in 200 seconds

best 200 PS4 games

Image by – Seven years later, the prominence of PS4 comes to an end. It will be on the market for a long time, but it will soon stop being the big star. PlayStation UK wanted to pay an emotional tribute to its best games. Released on November 15, …

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Some PS5 games will go on sale before the console

PS5 games list

Image by – PlayStation Europe confirms that the PS5 launch games list, such as Miles Morales or Demon’s Souls, will go on sale on November 12, ahead of the concert. As you may already know, Sony will be launching the PlayStation 5 in November. But there are two days …

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The Facebook game, Farmville will disappear in 2021

The FarmVille game

Image by – Facebook will remove many of the Flash games that caused a sensation years ago, including the most successful, the FarmVille game. Exchanging sheep with your contacts is over, we could say, but indeed that is long gone from your life. Games like FarmVille triumphed for a …

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The mistake you should never make with your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Image by – The manufacturer has recommended that the Nintendo Switch be charged at least once every six months so that the battery does not deteriorate. As with any device, consoles have their maintenance and acceptable practices to prevent them from deteriorating quickly due to use, or disuse, that …

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Xbox Game Pass reaches 15 million subscribers

Xbox Game

Image by – Xbox Game Pass already has 15 million subscribers. In the official statement of its agreement with Bethesda, it is confirmed that it has added 5 million users in less than five months. The impact Xbox Game Pass is having on the video game industry is undeniable. …

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Samurai Jack Game: The Battle for Time Update (PS4)

samurai jack game

Good A wonderful atmosphere of cartoonsThe return of the original voice actorsAn exciting and influential combat system Bad Expired platform partsIt’s repetitive in the middleThe problems of the flow of war caused by specific pornography If you grew up with Cartoon Network’s biggest songs being The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, …

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