iPhone 12: When will Apple announce its new iPhones?

iPhone 12

Although Apple sent out invites to a Sept. fifteen virtual event, those expecting iPhones will discomfit since next week’s event can concentrate on the new Apple Watch and iPads instead. That being aforesaid, the announcement date for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Max, and doable twelve professional GHB remains …

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How to make iPhone ringtones with iTunes or iMusic

how to make iphone ringtones

Have you ever listened to a ringtone in a crowded place and looked at your phone to discover that the stranger had the same thing as you? Preset ringtones available on iPhones do work, but many users feel they have no price tag and may feel bored after a while. …

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Top 10 Music Player for Android and iPhone

top 10 music player for android

Most people these days prefer to stream music instead of downloading it to their phones. However, some do not want to rely on the Internet and prefer to listen to their offline music collection. If you’re going to the second group, here are some of the top 10 music player …

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This is all Apple is preparing for 2021

apple products

Technology never stops; tech companies like Apple continue to work on their next releases and new apple products, updating existing products, or introducing new ones. The leak reveals what the next steps are for the American giant.From Twitter, we get a complete summary of Apple’s activities. The leak was done …

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iPhone SE (2020) Review Analysis and Opinion

new iphone se 2020

The Best  The small iPhone that many asked for Power of an iPhone 11 People portrait mode From 489 euros  The Worst  Screen only 4.7 “ Design from the past You don’t have Face ID Just a camera Apple has released a new iPhone that starts at 489 euros. It is the iPhone SE (2020), an …

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Stealing an iPhone in an Apple Store is useless: the anti-theft that blocks it when leaving the store

anti theft system

Some looters have found these days that devices they’ve stolen from Apple stores have been rendered useless upon detecting that they have illegally removed from the store. If anyone can use technology to protect themselves against theft, it is technology companies like Apple. The iPhone maker has designed an anti-theft …

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