Chromecast vs Android TV, How are they different?

chromecast vs android tv

Image by – If you’re not convinced what the differences are between Chromecast and Android TV, you’ve come to the right place. We will define what each thing is so that it is clear to you, and you have no doubts. Some concepts can confuse users. We can see …

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Top 10 Money Making Apps for Android

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Everyone needs a few extra characters from time to time. However, we are not so foolish as to convince you that you can make a living by living at home. No apps can earn you so much money. However, we know a few that can make you flesh or two …

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Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Amazon App Store for Android

Amazon App Store for Android The first one is Amazon, which is Google’s largest competitor and is the best google play store alternatives. Amazon is a favorite website that provides a way to get the paid app for free every day. With Amazon’s app store’s help, you can get easy …

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The Simple Way To Increase Internal Storage Android

increase android internal storage

This article will explain the Simple Way To Increase Internal Storage of Android. That is the right place for you. Here are two types of app that will increase internal storage of android without affecting your machine. 1: GOM Saver – Android The first one is the GOM Saver that …

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Top 10 Music Player for Android and iPhone

top 10 music player for android

Most people these days prefer to stream music instead of downloading it to their phones. However, some do not want to rely on the Internet and prefer to listen to their offline music collection. If you’re going to the second group, here are some of the top 10 music player …

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The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

best photo editing apps for android

Eight best photo editing apps for android to enhance your photos The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store have no shortage of best photo editing apps for android and ios to choose from. We have separate guides for the best photo editing apps for android and ios, but we …

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The Best Free Android apps of 2020

free android apps

Color in the numbers of Paint paintings App There are lots of free coloring apps on Android, but Color by Number Oil Painting is the best, as it contains hundreds of beautiful, sophisticated images in various categories (such as ‘birds’ and ‘still alive’), with many images, added every day.Coloring these …

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Samsung dates 6G to 2028 with microsecond latency and 1,000 Gpbs spikes

5g in mobile

It is possible that you still do not have a 5G mobile and that, if you have it because there are models that are lowering the price of entry to this technology, you cannot use it because 5G mobile networks are not too widespread in our country. Of course, some …

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Samsung Galaxy A71 Review, Analysis and Opinion

samsung galaxy a71 review

The Best Good design, simple and comfortableLarge, agile, HDR displayGood performanceFast charge The Worst Fast charge behind Huawei / RealmeImprovable photographic equipmentPlastic feel designBiometric systems We have tested the Samsung Galaxy A71, the brand’s new upper-middle-range mobile, for several weeks, its screen, its performance, battery, and cameras, among other things. …

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Nearby Sharing, Google’s alternative to Apple’s AirDrop, would also come to Windows and Mac

android airdrop

The “Android AirDrop,” known as Nearby Sharing, will not only reach devices with Google’s operating system. But also be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The long-awaited Nearby Sharing feature with an android airdrop, which will allow us to transfer files between Android devices quickly, not only seems to be …

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Huawei P40 Pro Plus Review, Analysis and opinion

huawei p40

The Best  Photo and video quality Design and materials Autonomy Dimensions The Worst  Front camera size Without Google services No stereo sound Weight We analyze Huawei’s top model, whose main improvements are on the photographic section and design. This is our analysis and opinion of the Huawei P40 Pro +, the phone that reaches the market …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review, Analysis and Opinion

samsung galaxy s6 tab

The Best  Design Screen to match performance S-Pen: included and useful  The Worst  Memory speed Camera performance The time it takes to load Without fingerprint reader We have been watching series, playing, and working with the new Samsung tablet for a few weeks, a proposal for the mid-range that wants to take over the educational and …

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Samsung Galaxy S20 +, Analysis and Opinion

samsung galaxy s20

Samsung Galaxy s20 + Review The Best Display and color calibrationStereo speaker qualityMain cameraDimensions and weight The Worst Autonomy with 120 Hz displayTelephoto performanceExynos processor and not QualcommSlippery finish After a few days with the terminal as the leading mobile, we tell you our opinion of the Samsung Galaxy S20 …

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