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How to call with a hidden number on Android and iPhone in 2020

call with hidden number

Do you want to make a call without them seeing your Number or call with a hidden number? It is possible to do it today, and we will show you how to contact a secret number from an Android, iPhone, or a landline.

Indeed sometimes you prefer to keep your number hidden or do not want to call back. The way of doing it has recently changed, so we will explain how to call with a hidden number on Android and iPhone in 2020. Both on time and permanently. It can also do from a landline phone.

Maybe you want to call someone but don’t want them to know that you are calling from your mobile. Or it is a company or service you do not want to keep your Number. Or maybe you feel like playing a prank on a friend. There are many times when you want to hide your phone number.

All SIM cards have a caller ID identifier so that all calls are traceable. This ID is sent along with the ringtone to the recipient. So the caller can see the Number before going off-hook. In this tutorial, we will see how to hide the Caller ID.

The method changes if you call from a landline or a mobile phone and if you want to permanently configure the hidden Number on iOS or Android. So we are going to explain all the possible methods to you. All of them are very easy to carry out.

We started the tutorial to learn how to call with a hidden number on Android and iPhone in 2020.

Things to keep in mind

Before calling with a hidden number, you must know several things to avoid an unpleasant surprise afterward. It is essential to understand that hiding the Number is not the same as making an anonymous call. As the name suggests, all we do is protect the Number from the recipient, but the caller ID is still associated with the Number itself. The phone company knows who made that call: if the recipient files a complaint, a judge can ask the company to reveal the hidden Number.

Unknown number calls do not work if you call the police or an emergency number (fire department, hospital, etc.). In these cases, the hidden Number is deactivated, and the call is identified.

Many people and companies automatically block calls made with a hidden number. If you hide your mobile, you may not be able to call certain people or individual companies. They won’t pick up your phone, nor will they find out that you requested. Let’s see how to contact a hidden number on Android and iPhone in 2020.

Hide the Number on a landline phone

Although they are becoming less common in homes, many people still have a landline phone in the living room or kitchen. You can hide your Number if you call from a landline very quickly. You must add the prefix 067 to the amount you want to reach. For example, if you’re going to call 932454442, you must dial: 067932454442

The recipient will receive a call indicating Unknown, Number hidden, etc. It is possible that in some countries or operators, instead of 067, they use # 67 or # 67 #, although most likely, all three will work. The most practical thing is to make a test call from the landline to your mobile to check that it works.

Hide the Number on an Android or iPhone mobile promptly.

The next option, more common nowadays, is to promptly call with a hidden number from the mobile.

call with hidden number

For example, if we only want to hide a particular call or just a recipient. It works whether you are calling from an Android mobile or an iPhone. In some countries or operators, instead of # 31 #, it may work with * 31 # or both. If you have two phones, the most practical thing is to call each other to check that it works. Or call a family member or friend and ask them to check if they can see the Number.

Hide the Number on Android on all calls

The above method is straightforward but gets heavy if you want to use it multiple times. So there is the option to hide the phone number on Android in all calls. The method changes depending on the version of Android you use, if it is pure Android, or if the mobile has some operating system layer, so we will explain it generically and with an example.

As we have explained, each mobile Number (the SIM card) has a caller ID. What you need to do is hide the Caller ID. We must open the mobile calling app (Phone) and access Settings in the upper right corner, tapping on the three points.

The following step changes depending on the Android version. You must find something similar to Call Settings and enter Additional or More Settings. Find the Show my Caller ID or Show my Caller ID option and disable it, or check the Hidden Number option, if it exists.

For example, in pure Android from Android 8, you have to enter the Calls app and then in Settings, Call Accounts, tap on the SIM card, Additional Settings, and in Caller ID, By deactivating the caller ID, from now on, all our calls will be hidden. When we want to identify again, we come back here and activate the caller ID.

In some cases, as seen in the screenshot above, the Caller ID appears gray and won’t let you change it. That is because the operator has blocked the hidden calling option on the SIM card. You have to call the operator and ask them to let you hide the call from Android. It is free, and they are required to do so.

You can do it yourself if you have an online account with your operator. Enter your account, and in the settings, you will see an option that unlocks your caller ID and allows you to configure unknown calls from the settings of your mobile.

Hide the Number on iPhone on all calls

In the iPhone, the process is similar to Android. The goal is to find the option to hide the calling iD. You have to go to Settings, tap on the Phone icon, and then on Show Caller ID. Here you will see a switch. Turn it off to hide your caller ID.

From now on, your Number will not see when you call. When you want to be recognized, repeat the steps, and activate the Caller ID. As we have explained with Android, it is possible that your operator has blocked the caller ID on the SIM card, and these options appear in gray and cannot be changed. In that case, contact them and ask them to unlock the SIM to let you configure unknown calls. They are obliged to do it and also free.

Hide the Number through the operator

If you always want to hide your Number instead of configuring it through the mobile operating system, call the operator and ask them to
hide the default number.

The result is the same as doing it through Android or iOS, as we have explained, but if you want to be recognized again, you will have to call back to ask your operator.

We have seen how to call with a hidden number on Android and iPhone in 2020.

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