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How to Clean C Drive In Windows 10

If you are also a window user, use your Storage in divided parts. And you are storing your data in the C drive. You have divided some parts of the Storage in the C drive. Then there are common issues of whole Storage or cleaning the Storage of the C. Most of the time, the C drive is complete because of the temporary and unwanted data in the System. When the C drive is fully loaded, the System performs very slowly and inefficiently on its performance. But if you want to improve your System’s performance, you have to clean up your C drive. The Procedure of the c drive cleanup is the easy way we are providing. Just follow the instructions given below.

Uninstall Junk Applications

There are so many applications that are available in your System to make your system start. Most of the use is nothing to do in the System, and they make the processor busy while working. Therefore you have to uninstall all the unwanted applications from your System to make your C drive cleanup. Find out those applications which can not in use. Just delete them from your System. The junk application keeps the processor busy and sometimes makes the process stuck. Therefore remove or uninstall the junk application from your System.

  • First of all, you have to go to the “setting.”
  • Then go to “Apps and Features.”
  • Then select the unwanted file and click on “Uninstall.”

Delete Junk Files by Storage Sense

Sometimes while downloading, uploading, and installing any file in your System, the processor keeps some temporary files on permanent bases. Then you did not know that some data stored in the System is on continuous support. If you are using Windows ten, then this window stores unwanted or junk files in the System; you have to remove them from your System. To clean the C drive of your System, then you have to remove junk files from your system. The junk files also spread the virus in your order — it even causes system loss. Therefore you also have to delete the junk file from your System.

  • First of all, go to the Settings
  • Then go into the System
  • Now open Storage
  • Then you have to click on “Change how we free up space automatically.”

Delete Temp Files by Disk Cleanup

c drive cleanup

Temporary files are those stored in the System’s RAM on temporary bases. While processing in the System, the temporary files work and are stored in the RAM and cache memory. But after completing the task, these files are removed by the RAM and from the cache memory. But in some cases, these files were not removed from the cache memory. And the C drive is stuck because of these types of data. Therefore you always have to clean your cache memory after some time.

  • Go to the setting
  • open the Disk clean Up
  • Now select the Drive, which should clean
  • After this, it will remove temporary files.

Empty Recycle Bin

c drive cleanup

When you delete something from your System, you are deleting unwanted data, unprocessed data, applications, or any other type of data. After deleting this data from the em, it goes to the recycle bin. Although it did not remove from the System altogether, it consumes the space of the System. You must delete these files from the recycle bin to clean up the C drive storage. Because the recycle bin is also part of the system’s memory. You have to manage this and remove files from this memory.

Move Data to Another Hard Drive

c drive cleanup

If you are doing a professional job or task in System, all data is crucial for you and your farm. You don’t want to remove this data from your System. Therefore your C drive is under a load of information, working very slowly and hard. If you want to save your essential data and, at the same time, increase the performance of the System, then you have to shift your data. You need to buy an external hard drive and move your C drive data to this external Drive.

Disable Hibernation in Windows 10

c drive cleanup

Most users put their windows on hibernation mode to save power and time. During the hibernation, the file would store all the vital details of the System so that you can start from where it is left off. And the whole records data and management system is stored in the C drive. Therefore the C drive is under the load of the process. Then it works very slowly and inefficiently. If you want to increase the System’s performance, you have to close everything before the System shuts down and turns off properly; even the type of data is an image, video, audio, document, or any other kind of data.

  • Go to the start menu
  • Now open the Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Now you have to write this “Powercfg –h OFF” command.
  • If the first one is not working, then you have to insert this “Powercfg /hibernate off” command
  • Then it will process this automatically.

Compress Installation Data

c drive cleanup

If you have relevant data in the System, all the files and every type of data are essential for you too. You can not delete anything from your System and also can not shift this data to any other external drive. Then there is a procedure for you. You can compress this data quickly. Suppose you have 50 GB of data in your System. You can summarize this data in 30 GB. That’s how you can reduce the load from C drive and make it clean. When the data is compressed, it works properly and the same.

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