Buy an iPad in 2020, what options do I have?

These are the alternatives if you want to buy an iPad in 2020. Apple has renewed the line of tablets between 2018 and 2019, leaving a panorama in which each user can find the device that best suits their needs.

If you are thinking of getting an iPad and have doubts about which models you have at your disposal and which one you can choose, do not worry because we are going to help you out. In this article, we tell you which iPad models are now for sale and their features.

Last March, Apple announced the renewal of the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini. Besides, a few weeks ago, the Cupertino company presented the latest seventh-generation iPad with a 10.2-inch screen.
Thus, for the first time in a long time, Apple has four models at almost the same level. The iPad Mini 2019 and iPad Air 2019 have the Apple A12 processors. The same as the iPhone Xs, and are the best alternatives to the iPad Pro 2018, with the powerful A12X Bionic. Also, you can choose the seventh generation iPad, which is the newest model.
All this we will detail below since we are going to tell you everything you need to know to buy an iPad in 2020. And we will start with the cheapest models to the most expensive ones.

7th generation iPad 2019, the most affordable

The first is the seventh generation iPad 2019, the newest and most affordable model. Compared to the previous model, it stands out for its new retina display. Slightly larger than those of the current iPad, which goes from 9.7 inches of the 2018 model to 10.2 inches.

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The processor continues to be the A10 Fusion that we found in the previous generation. It has an 8 Mpx rear camera and a 1.2 Mpx front camera with flash, and it has a fingerprint reader.

It is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, which is used as a mouse substitute to perform various tasks. Such as selecting, copying and pasting, or sending. Its official price in Spain starts at 379 euros, but you can find it on Amazon from 339 euros. Buy it on Amazon iPad Mini 5, more power in less size And, the iPad Mini 5, or iPad Mini 2019, is small, but a bully. The renovation has sat great to a device that had forgotten since 2015. And this year does not change in design but internal components.

The processor, as we mentioned, is the A12 Bionic, a processor that blurs the gap between mobile and portable processors. Thanks to its excellent computing power and a very advanced GPU. Besides, it comes with a screen compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil and with better brightness and color treatment thanks to the True Tone panel.
In the rest, it remains the same as the previous generation. The cameras change, but the design is identical. It is one of the best alternatives if you want an iPad 2019 by price (from 404 euros) and size if you want a compact tablet.

iPad Air 2019, the complete iPad without going to the Pro

The other great alternative if you wanted to buy an iPad in 2019 is the new iPad Air 2019. The renovation is somewhat more profound than that of the Mini since it grows in size until 10.5 ”. Which makes it an intermediate option between the 9.7 ” iPad and the iPad Pro.
The design continues to maintain the frames, the TouchID. It is somewhat thinner than the 9.7 ” iPad. With only 0.61 cm thick by the 0.75 cm of the iPad 9.7 ”. But the fundamental thing is the interior since the A12 chip also powers this iPad. It also has a True Tone Retina display and compatibility with the Apple Pencil, and the price starts at $540.

Buy it on Amazon iPad Pro 2018, another concept

We finish with the best iPad to date in design and, above all, power. The iPad Pro 2018, in any of its sizes, is a real beast thanks to the A12X Bionic processor. Its screen is excellent, with HDR, 600 nits, and very promising color treatment.
The design also attracts attention, but above all, it stands out for the comments: power, screen, and sound quality, autonomy, and a USB Type-C connection that, although very limited, extends the possibilities of the device somewhat in some applications.

It is the most powerful and best tablet for a professional and educational environment thanks, also, to the second-generation Apple Pencil. Still, it has a price that starts at 791 euros, to which we must add an almost mandatory keyboard and a Pencil that it’s essential.

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These are the alternatives you have if you want to buy an iPad in 2020. There are devices for all tastes and approaches.


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