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The Best Strategy Games for PC

The following are the best strategy games which we have for PC. The games that have marked before and after in the genre, and are very best. Are the ones that help to make a genre-loaded PC is one more gaming platform. With the latest generation, the compatibles have established themselves as great gaming machines. Because all sorts of games have a place on their circuits, they are total consoles. Anyways, we show some genres that seem exclusive for your PC, like MMORPGs or strategy. Now the following list, we are going to show you what are the best strategy games.

Within the entire catalog of video games available today. The strategy titles are those that continue to seem exclusive to PCs. Because they controlled with a keyboard and mouse. That is because, although attempts have made to adapt to manage with the remote. The precision of the keyboard + mouse combination. The shortcuts with the keys unmatched in the remote.

eSports are the best strategy in the genre of the PC game. In short, it is a veteran genre and very important, and then we will see the best strategy games on PC. But before going over our selection, let’s first clarify what a strategy game is. And it is that, depending on who we ask. DOTA 2 or League of Legends should consider as strategy games. They are only more action-oriented, with the approach of a single controllable character more likely the abilities of each one.

Now let’s look at the best strategy games on PC. In which we will find RTS, management strategy, combat, heroes / large-scale strategy.

StarCraft II

  • Blizzard
  • The year 2010

StarCraft is the best mythical sagas of PC strategy. If we asked a fictitious company in the plan, Blizzard would be one of them. But they have two exponents who helped define the genre (create others, like MOBAs). Also, they have the right presence in sports electronics.

Its launch in 2010, StarCraft II is the sequel to StarCraft, a strategy game based on three elite races. All are well-differentiated, and balanced, facing each other on the battlefield.

With no dough about that, StarCraft II is the best strategy game on PC. That has worth buying a compatible to enjoy its exclusives.

Civilization VI

  • Firaxis
  • The year 2016

We return to a current game since a new expansion has released for it, but it is a different game from Blizzard. And it is that from the real-time strategy, we go to the turn-based strategy.

Civilization is another very best in the genre of mythical sagas. Since progress is slow (despite the fast speed that we can select) but it is also most gratifying.

It complicates due to the accounting system, for example, negotiations with other cities. Still, it has something enjoyable, which is the deities or leaders. With the different figures that can configure our line of actions. Or not. Well, in Civilization VI, a civilization that has Gandhi can make trouble.

Ashes of the Singularity

  • Oxide Games
  • The year 2016

If you are lovers of technology and its ins and outs. You will follow the benchmarks or performance tests of processors. If so, you have heard of this game.

Advanced hardware needed for this game to function and to demand the CPU. That its benchmark used to measure the power of the processors. And that was the first game developed for DirectX 12. Now, what is it? It is a combat strategy that encourages us to create large-scale combat. With hundreds of units on screen, creating brutal action. The experience of certain science fiction movies in which there is a lot of work everywhere.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III

  • Relic Entertainment
  • The year 2017

PC gamers so much like Warhammer’s Dawn of War oriented. And, that was the saga, during the years in which StarCraft had no games.

best strategy games

The 3rd installment of this saga, released in 2017, is the culmination of the franchise. Say some fatal mistakes. But, lovers of real-time strategy will find a great game in all three installments of the saga. There’s base building, resource management, heroes, very different units from each other. And tons of awesome action.

The story is the same as StarCraft, which is least important, so it’s worth starting from the first. It is one of the great real-time strategy games.

Total War Warhammer II

  • The Creative Assembly
  • The year 2017

Warhammer is a different genre. From the real-time combat and management strategy with bases and heroes. The approach focuses on diplomacy and hard-to-combat on a large scale. With hundreds of units on the screen.

best strategy games

It is also one of the best mythical ones within the strategy. And this Warhammer unit-based game, Fantasy Battle board game, is one of the best we can find incompatible matches. That based on battalion control and in which the strategy goes through where to locate the units.

Age of Empires II HD

  • Ensemble Studios
  • The year 2013

We arrived at one of the bastions of the strategy on PC. A mythical game where they exist, that created a school. And that is still well-liked by a large part of PC users.

best strategy games

The Age of Empires saga, although not at its best, is one of those that helped define the genre of strategy in real-time. And in this HD edition, we will find the best of the kind.

Base construction, obtaining resources, population control, and creating units to fight are the bases of a saga. And of this game, which allows us to enjoy 18 civilizations, each with its unique units.

This HD edition features the original game, The Age of Kings, as well as the expansion of The Conquerors. Each game has many single-player campaigns, but we also have free play in skirmishes or online, very, very fun.

It is an old game, but the years do not pass, and if you have a PC. It is a title that must try since it is one of the best PC strategy games of all time.

StarCraft HD

  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • The year 2018

It is the veteran remastered in HD to another. There are some bases, resources to collect, and also units to train to fight.

best strategy games

With control improvements and more units to steer, it’s good to play the original StarCraft first to enjoy the story.

Also, HD remastering gives a second youth to a game in which the character model is better than a resolution of up to 4K.

Command and Conquer the Ultimate Collection

  • Westwood Studios, Victory Games
  • The year 2012

The classic game continues with an update. But this time, unfortunately, it is not remade, or HD remaster. An update of drivers for that the games go on the latest versions of Windows. But of course, there is a remaster of the original Command and Conquer on the way.

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