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The best proxy server of 2022: Free, paid proxy servers and sites

If you want to save your online privacy, one of the easiest ways to do that is to use a hosting server. Here we will include the best proxy server list, free and paid services, which will go through certain VPN services.

We have a highly paid best proxy server list

  • Smartproxy
  • Geonode

Or, jump: On the best proxy servers.

Effectively, it acts as a gateway between you and the Internet, so when you use a server that captures the information of the websites you visit. Other online history is stored on that server, not on your computer.

This allows for an unknown degree of surfing, and the proxy server usually stores at least some information. A thorough search of server records can enable you to identify yourself.

Many proxy server providers also offer paid VPN services, as VPN (Virtual Private Network) can provide more security and privacy than the proxy service alone. If so, you may consider getting a free VPN or paying for one of the premium services.

In the meantime, here we will include the best proxy, free and paid services, which will go through certain VPN services.

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best proxies

Smart Proxy

  • Proxies are less expensive in most cases of use.
  • Height: Over 195 locations | IP addresses: over 40 million
  • Unlimited threads
  • Browser Extensions
  • Mobile IPs
  • Restricted geotargeting

You can get host and data center proxies from Smartproxy. Its over 40 million mobile IP pools are available on desktops and mobile devices and are shared among all users.

While this can be problematic, as you can get flagged IPs, the provider verifies its immediate circulation policy and ensures that its proxies are not blocked. Smartproxy limits the plan by bandwidth but allows you to use an unlimited number of compatible threads.

You can select the proxy you want to use from the servers’ list to connect to your dashboard. By default, Smartproxy shows all the countries and cities you support. You can sort proxies based on a few functional parameters, such as location and session type (rotating or sticky). In this regard, the dashboard will display the appropriate representative gateway you can use in your programs and tools.

If you want to utilize a proxy to browse the web, Smartproxy also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can use the extension to narrow down the location and type of broker you want and select the authentication method.

As mentioned earlier, Smartproxy programs are based on the road grant. Residence proxies start at $ 75 / month with a 5 GB bandwidth allowance, up to $ 15 / GB. Though, their most popular plan costs $ 400 / month and puts a 50 GB cap on traffic, reaching only $ 8 / GB. You can install your plans if you run out of bandwidth at a cost / GB for your project.


Geonode started by realizing that data is becoming so crucial worldwide and that there was definite room for improvement in the proxy space. While we pride ourselves on our developer friendliness, we envision a future where data collection becomes accessible to non-developers too.


  • High success rate
  • Large proxy pool
  • In-house rotation
  • High anonymity
  • Sticky sessions
  • Ethically sourced
  • Customer service
  • Instant access proxies
  • Reliable proxy infrastructure
  • Unlimited data collection
  • Code generator for API
  • Supported Protocols

Geonode offers both options. Static proxies allow you to access the proxy sites from a single, persistent IP while rotating brokers change the IP address of your connection. This change happens across a large pool of IPs situated in many places across the globe.

Don’t confuse static with sticky connections, though! While you would be right in thinking that a static connection is sticky by definition, in industry jargon, the word ‘sticky’ most often refers to a rotating proxy connection that does not change IP on EACH request but instead does so according to a user-defined interval.

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