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Both free and paid multimedia software is available for you to use. When it comes to free and best multimedia software, A wide variety of multimedia software is open to professionals and standard users. You can install this software on your PC and laptop. And access multimedia files supported.

Today multimedia is indeed used in almost every professional field. Making it impossible for us to imagine this world without multimedia. It is used in various businesses, such as creative, pharmaceutical, entertainment, etc.

  • IK Multimedia
  • VLC Media Player
  • Picasa
  • Media Monkey
  • Inkscape
  • Windows Movie Maker 

1) IK Multimedia Software

The most effective method to approve and introduce IK Multimedia software is to guarantee that you have the ideal experience. This article will walk you through each progression between supporting IK Multimedia software and sending it off interestingly. You might need to leave this article open in a different tab or window for reference.

  1. Download and introduce the IK Multimedia Product Manager
  2. Register the IK Multimedia software
  3. Then download and submit the plugin
  • Download and introduce virtual instrument libraries

Download and introduce the IK Multimedia Product Manager

The IK Multimedia Product Manager application is where you’ll enlist, approve, and teach all of your IK Multimedia virtual instruments, impact modules, and equipment drivers. Then, it will download the substance to whichever area you set.

  1. Go to the IK Multimedia Product Manager item page, and snap on the download for your OS.
  2. After the download, go to your Downloads organizer and send off the installer.
  3. Sign in utilizing your IK Multimedia username and secret phrase. If you don’t have a record, you can make one here.

Register and approve the IK Multimedia software

Now that you’ve made a record, you can enlist the module with IK Multimedia and afterward approve the product through the Manage My Products part of Product Manager. It will enroll the virtual instrument and impacts modules in the Software tab of Product Manager and download the sound libraries in the Sounds tab.

  1. Launch IK Multimedia Product Manager.
  2. On the landing page, click Manage My Products. Then again, you can tap the symbol with four squares at the screen’s highest point.
  3. Reorder the Serial Number you got from your Sweetwater Sales Engineer into the specific field, then, at that point, click Register.
  4. After registering the item, click Padlock (Authorize) to approve the module.
  • You can likewise have the module consequently approved upon establishment of the module.

Deauthorizing software

You can immediately approve your IK Multimedia pc software for up to 10 different PCs. However, whenever you have arrived at the cutoff and have to support another machine, you should deauthorize one. To do this, click Deauthorize, and afterward, click Authorize to approve the new PC.

Download and install the plugin

In the wake of approving the product, The last advance is downloading and introducing the IK Product Manager application module. You can have a custom download area for your IK Multimedia modules, yet the common area should do the trick.

Suppose by any opportunity you don’t know where the download record way is, or again, to change where your modules are introduced. In that case, you’ll need to go into the IK Multimedia Product Manager Preferences menu.

  1. Click the Install button situated close to your module.
  2. Follow the on-screen guidelines to finish the establishment interaction.

Download and install virtual instrument libraries

Assuming you’ve bought a virtual instrument that utilizes sound libraries, for example, Miroslav Philharmonik or SampleTank, the last advance is to download the sound libraries. While introducing your IK Multimedia pc software, you’ll have to ensure you have the expected space vital. For instance, the Miroslav Philharmonik 2 virtual instrument expects around 58GB of free hard drive space.

1. Click the Sounds tab to get to the library downloads.

2. Click Install to start the download cycle.

  • The download cycle takes time, so be sure not to finish the Product Manager.

3. After downloading, go to your Downloads organizer and concentrate on the .compress document.

  • Open the Sounds Content organizer, then, at that point, run the Sound Content installer.

4. The establishment interaction will invite you to pick where to introduce the libraries. We strongly suggest introducing them on an external hard drive.

5. Send off your IK Multimedia virtual instrument, and go to the Settings window.

6. Add the document way where they will introduce to the libraries, then, at that point, click OK.

2) VLC Media Player

best multimedia softwares, multimedia software

VLC is available as an application for Smartphones and software for PCs or laptops. And you can use this multimedia software to play audio and video files. No matter your audio or video file format, the VLC media player will not have a problem playing it. That’s because it’s designed to support almost all types of audio and video files.

The company “VideoLAN Project” made this software available for free. It means you can download and start using the program for free. Some of the fantastic features of the multimedia software are below:

  • In the VLC player, any video can restart at the last stop point.
  • It can convert your video if you shoot it to the left.
  • Subtitles can add to any video using this program.
  • It also permits you to change the format of your video.
  • Some shortcuts make your video viewing experience even better.

3) Picasa Multimedia Software

Picasa is available in both versions: a mobile app (for smartphones) and software (for PC or laptops). This software was developed by Lifescape Company and was later purchased by Google. The best multimedia softwares that you can use to view, edit, or edit your photos. Also, it can use to create photo albums to share with others.

Picasa pc software is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OSX. But, while using the Linux version of this software. You may disappoint by the lack of many essential features. That’s because this version of Picasa outdated.

Picasa Download and Installation Process

You should follow the steps outlined below to download. And install Picasa on your PC / laptop :

Step 1: Go to the Picasa Web Page

The first step in downloading Picasa pc software to your PC or laptop is to go to

Step 2: Download the .exe file

If you are on a Picasa web page, your app will find it. Also, it will suggest a type that fits your plan. Download this version.

Step 3: Open the .exe file

After downloading the .exe file on a PC / laptop, open it using Windows. In the case of Mac OS X instead of Windows. You will need to double-click the Picasa image displayed on your desktop. After completing the download process.

Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions.

Once the .exe file is open, a pop-up window showing the terms and conditions will appear on the screen. And if you are using Windows, hit the “I Agree” button to continue. And you’ll need to drag the Picasa icon to the app folder in the case of a Mac.

Step 5: Start Installation

Next, an input dialog box will appear, where you can select the location where you need your PC software files to copy on your computer. Choose the place you want and hit the “Apply” button. And, in the case of a Mac, the image of “picasamac.dmg.” And the installed driver will need to move to the trash to download the software.

Step 6: Final Installation

After finishing the installation process, you should hit the “Finish” button when using Windows when you have completed the installation. The Picasa icon will display on your desktop. But if you’re on a Mac, Picasa will be found in the app folder where you can open it. And that’s it.

4) Media Monkey

best multimedia softwares, multimedia software

Both free & paid versions are available through Media Monkey. But the basic version is completely free. But to get some extra stuff, you will need to buy a premium gold license. You can play your audio files on Windows in free and paid versions if you need to perform other media files, such as videos. It is possible by using other plug-ins in both free and paid formats.

Ventis Media Inc owns media Monkey. Besides playing files, you can also perform audio editing tasks using this free multimedia software. The methods adopted are MP3, MPC, OGG, AAC, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, etc. But the option to burn audio files to a CD is also available for you to use.

Another great thing about Media Monkey is that it also supports podcasts. Podcatcher supports podcasts. Additionally, if you want to sync audio files with your iPhone or Android devices, it is also possible to use it.

5) Inkscape

best multimedia softwares

It is the only software used to create and edit vector images and is available for PCs, Macs, and Android phones. Vector images such as logos, images, sketches, etc. They can construct and organize using this program. All editing activities on Inkscape are done under the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) framework. However, there is no doubt that this program supports various file formats well. The different significant features of multimedia software list below:

  • Many scenes and images can create in SVG format.
  • Conditions and images created by Inkscape may redesign.
  • The image tracking feature is also available in the software.
  • You can also perform tasks such as moving, measuring, rotating, etc.
  • Allows direct editing in SVG format.

6) Windows Movie Maker 

This multimedia software develops by Microsoft and is available for Windows and Mac. But not Android devices. By using this software, you create videos and edit videos. And again, you can share them on YouTube, Facebook, and OneDrive. If you intend to edit your video, it is much more comfortable with Windows Movie Maker. Set your video only to the software timeline. And then perform various editing tasks like splitting, repositioning, replicating, etc. Also, to make your videos more engaging. The software also offers many editing styles.

Once you have finished the editing you want in the video using Windows Movie Maker, you can save it any way you want. Also, it will not delete or damage your original file. It means you will end up with both files: the original video and the duplicate video with the changes you made.

Windows Movie Maker is a fundamental part of multimedia software. So every critical Windows folder will need to download to install this program. Not only Windows Movie Maker but also other software. Such as OneDrive installed in this folder.

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