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Best gaming mouse, refrigerated to remove sweat from your hand while playing

best gaming mouse

Using the mouse, especially in summer, can end with a sweaty hand, making us lose a multiplayer game.

It sure happened to you sometime. You’ve played a challenging game of Fortnite or Valorant on your PC and ended up with a sweaty hand. Beyond the discomfort, sweat can make you lose a duel if you slip a finger or the palm of your hand. To solve this problem, Zephyr is released, a gaming mouse with a cooling system to prevent sweat.

The main feature of Zephyr is that it has a perforated, grid-shaped casing and an adjustable fan inside. This design allows you to cool your hand while playing, eliminating sweat. And all this without adding weight. It only weighs 68 grams.

The fan can be turned off entirely or run at 4,000 rpm for a light breeze or at 10,000 rpm to activate arctic cold, as the manufacturer claims. And it is hushed: it only reaches 30 decibels. You can see it working in this video:

Of course, unavoidable that the best gaming mouse LED lights surround it with 16 million colors and all kinds of adjustable patterns. It will not make you a good gamer, but it is fantastic to show off with the visits …

Beyond cooling and aesthetics, Zephyr seems like the right gaming mouse. At least its hardware is top quality. It has a Pixart 3389 sensor, one of the most advanced on the market, which allows you to customize the resolution of the mouse, between 800 and 16,000 DPI. So it serves both to play and to work.

It uses switches (buttons) from the Japanese firm OMRON, one of the most prestigious sectors. The controls hold up to 50 million keystrokes, making them last a lifetime.

As pro gamers prefer, it’s a wired mouse, but it has a flexible and lightweight Paracord cable, which does not interfere with the games.

When cleaning, the casing is removable. It also has a manual air pump to extract the dust that filters through the grid.

If you’re interested, the Zephyr Fan Mouse is looking for funding on Kickstarter, where it has already raised everything it needed to make. You can buy it for just 69 euros, a 50% discount on the sale price. It will be out in October.

This is Zefyr, our first gaming mouse designed from the ground up to help you make the most of your skills. Aside from the many great features, one thing came up quickly, the built-in furniture and an open structure to keep your hand and mind cool when you need it most.

Built-in fan

best gaming mouse

It says bye-bye to the oath strings, which makes Zefyr a unique built-in fan that shakes your hand as you use it. Whether you want a flying breeze or full-blown air, you can do it the way you like with an RPM range from 4,000 to 10,000 or completely turned off.

Three different fan settings can be controlled with the button provided at the bottom of the mouse. Even if you turn it off entirely, it gives you comfortable cooling using a honeycomb with an open-air structure.

The fan also has dedicated RGB lighting, making it a focal point for constructing our open space. It’s also tranquil, producing less than 30 Decibels of sound, so it won’t distract you from planning your next brilliant trip.

Best gaming mouse with Ultra-lightweight

best gaming mouse

And don’t worry about the fan making you slow down; even though there is this powerful feature, the Ephyr is only 68 grams cool. This is great for gaming because it feels airy in the way it looks, making it impossible to zoom in on your desk. And it’s good if you often take your mouse with you on the go.

Choose your decision

Above the mouse is a dedicated DPI button, which allows you to select a solution with a simple click. To see which resolution you have chosen, the mouse will display the colors of the statements on the side and the steering wheel. Go from 800 to 16,000 DPI, all well illustrated with beautiful RGB lights in matching colors.

Engineer to stay longer

The Zefyr is built and decorated with the highest quality parts. Such as the OMRON replacement that could last up to 50 million clicks. And the Pixart 3389 sensor is what gives you 16,000 DPI. All the elements are above the line. Combined with unique industrial construction and structured engineering to do this. Which we think will be your new favorite game mouse.

The Pixart 3389 sensor is one of the best optical sensors out there, not only because it works well. But also because of its ability to select your DPI settings. Compared to the Pixart 3360, the most significant advantage is that you can choose your DPI by clicking on the host button dedicated to Zefyr for the wrong configuration of your favorite DPI.

The mouse has OMRON performance modification.

Not all exchanges are the same; most end-to-end products use metering exchanges. But we have selected a solid OMRON switch that offers you 50 million clicks. OMRON is a Japanese company that has been around since 1933. And today is regarded as one of the best accurate and lifelong replacement producers.

The mouse has an ergonomic design for proper comfort during the long game. And the architecture is healthy and very powerful. The curve provides excellent support for your hand. At the same time, the extra buttons are easily located on the left side. Making it a mouse for people with the right hand.

Nice animations

Surrounding the front of the mouse is our signature light line that shows seven beautiful seamless images. Hold down both the main buttons and click the side button but rotate all the different options.

The satisfying scroll wheel of the mouse

The Zefyr transmission wheel not only looks great with built-in RGB lights, but it feels much better.

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