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These Games on Steam have made more than 2 billion dollars

A study publishes the cumulative profits of the five most popular games on Steam. As of August 2020, the accumulated benefits exceed $ 2 billion for PUBG, GTA V, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Rust, and Ark Survival Evolved.

That is why we have collected ten proposals that you can play games right now on Steam, free, and in which you will surely not regret having dedicated your time. We have covered almost every genre and collected some lesser-known titles than others.

A study shows the cumulative benefits of the most popular games on Steam. What are the video games that have entered the most on the Valve platform to date? According to the data that you can consult in the study, the most popular title in the digital store is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), with more than 730 million dollars (35% of the total five most successful games).

Perhaps in the world, there is still some clueless person who does not know the premise of an “all against all” of this type. It is about 100 players jumping from a plane to an island. In which they will have to fight until there is only one survivor. In this case, we can also play in squads of 4 men. The combat area is a circle that is gradually reducing, and that forces us to meet our adversaries.

If we are allowed to compare, what happens with PUBG is similar to the Minecraft phenomenon. This was adapting to all devices and platforms, after its quick launch on PC. You can know everything about Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in our PUBG analysis.

The second highest-grossing game in its history through Steam is Grand Theft Auto V. This has achieved an impressive $ 470 million.

Under the substance of an urban “sandbox,” we know Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s story. They are three marginal characters, masterfully portrayed. Who reflect different crime faces in this virtual version of Los Angeles, called Los Santos.

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But anyone who knows the saga knows that these 69 missions are only a small part of what the game offers. With a city at our disposal (and the surrounding counties), the amount of activities available is overwhelming: we have Stranger and Crazy missions. As well as races (by land, sea, and air), aerobatic jumps, visiting strip bars. Or playing sports like tennis or golf. We can also enjoy TV programming (in HD in this new version) or take out our iFruit smartphone to act as photographers.

GTA multiplayer is a separate game, as big and fun as the story itself. We created a character for ourselves (the editor, like a criminal recognition wheel, has also improved on the new consoles), and we launched ourselves to Los Santos to participate in challenges of all kinds. We have at our disposal races, tennis, golf, band matches … or whatever we can design. If we have the character in active mode, we can also face other players at any point in the city. You can learn more in our analysis of GTA V.

And if you want to become the kings of the street, we leave you with our guide and tricks for GTA Online and GTA V.

Third, we have The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The CD Projekt Red game hits $ 280 million on Steam in August 2020.

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At this point, it is much challenging to talk about The Witcher III Wild Hunt without falling into the clichés again. Because, in its original release, it became one of the titles that defined the current. At that time, young – generation of consoles. It is an RPG with real-time combat in an open world (the world of sword and witchcraft imagined by the writer, Polish, Andrzej Sapkowski).

It is an adult and dark setting, interpreting Central European folklore elements with a cynical and unmistakable approach. And in fact, this third installment marks the closing of the adventures of the sorcerer Geralt of Rivia. This time Geralt faces the Wild Hunt, a group of spectral horsemen chasing his adopted daughter, Ciri. Here you can read the analysis of The Witcher III Wild Hunt.

The last places in this ranking correspond to Rust (with 280 million) and Ark Survival Evolved. This has achieved a 270 million dollar return. Between the five titles, they reach an impressive figure of 2,030 million dollars.

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