The Witty Device which can double the Battery life of your Mobile

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You have to recharge the device more often. And in a short time, you get tired and change the battery or buy a new phone with best battery life or fitness bracelet. Witty is a device that doubles the life of your mobile and portable assault or any other cell.

Witty assures that leaving mobile charging at night reduces its capacity by 12% a year. It means that 37% of users end up changing the battery, or the entire device, after a year and a half. In the European Union alone, 50,000 tonnes of disposable batteries thrown away every year.

Witty reduces this waste by doubling the life of any battery. In this video, you can see how it works :

Witty is not a battery charger, though it may seem that way. It is a device placed between the charger and the USB cable of the mobile. So it works with all accessories and all chargers, using standard USB connections.

How does Witty work? What it does is monitor the energy level during recharging, to stabilize it, and make the charge more stable. Also, when the battery is 100% charged, it activates an electromechanical switch that cuts off the current flow. According to the company, this causes the cell to wear less, doubling its useful life.

By increasing its duration, you save yourself buying the best battery life phone or Powerbanks. And you don’t have to buy another one or change the device as soon. And you also help reduce pollution by the manufacture and disposal of rechargeable batteries.

This invention of Italian origin works with iOS and Android devices, or any other type, and will manufacture in various colors. Witty seeks funding through Kickstarter, where she already met her goals.

It will go on sale in the markets next May at a price of around 30 euros.

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