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Best Apps and Techniques to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

Losing your mobile phone may give you nightmares for days but the biggest loss is of the personal information, pictures, videos, financial data, passwords, and contact information. The good news is that you can recover both your smartphone and data with the help of these best Apps and Techniques. Make sure to download them into your phone by availing yourself of amazing Spectrum WiFi prices for the fastest and reliable internet before it’s too late.

Prevention is better than cure and this is where this list will help you. Read through the passages below to find out the best Apps and techniques that can help you locate your Android device. Network providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) also provide such services. They are also mentioned in the blog. Here are the Best Apps and Techniques to locate your lost android phone. Happy reading!

Family Locator

This is a free app from Life360 that will help you remain aware of the whereabouts of your friends and family. Of course, all participants have to agree to share their live location with the others. More or less, it’s a location tracking app that tracks the location of people from phone-enabled GPS. If you lose your phone, people with access to the phone’s location will be able to find it. However, the app does not have any other useful features. Features like device locking and wiping are absent.

Find My Device

Find My Phone is a native phone app from Google that will help you locate your phone. The app comes with many other useful features as well. It can make your phone ring so that you can find the source of the sound and, therefore, your phone. You can also wipe out the data on your phone to protect your privacy. Having a backup can come in handy if you have to take such an extreme step. You can also use the app to display on-screen messages so that a strange with positive intent can return the phone. This app is available for free and does not have any in-app purchases.


Cerberus is a professional app that you can use to locate your phone. Its features are numerous and among the best in the market. The single license of the app for a device costs around $5. A license for 10 devices will cost somewhere around $43 per year. Therefore, at a reasonable cost, you can protect the devices of your immediate family members as well.

The app comes with device locking, resetting, and ringing features. Its advanced features include on-screen messages to share contact details. Additionally, the app can also use the phone’s front camera to take a picture of a thief. Another key feature is the stealth nature of the app. It won’t be visible in the app drawer so nobody would be able to know you’ve installed it. You can download the app directly from Cerberus’ website.

Prey Anti-Theft

This is a free app that has a huge customer base. People trust this app and it comes with simple features to track missing phones. Similar to Cerberus, it can lock your device, wipe out the data, and set off an alarm. You can also access the phone’s camera to take pictures and find out the whereabouts of the device.

Apps from Carriers

Many carriers in the USA provide services to locate mobile phones. Normally, such services do not cost a lot and carriers adjust them in monthly bills. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile provide similar services in the USA. Call their customer services to find out the respective price plans for each.

Solutions from OEMs

Phone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung also provide device locating services. When you turn on their handsets for the first time for configuration purposes, you may receive a prompt for this purpose. This may require you to sign up on a dedicated service portal. Just sign in to the account you created from a separate phone, desktop PC, or laptop to view the live location if you lose your phone. It is wise to use this feature from an OEM in conjunction with a device locating app such as Google’s Find My Device.

There are some of the best ways to find your lost Android phone without spending a fortune. And you can rest assured that your photos, videos, credit card details, passwords, and contacts won’t be lost to you.

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