Best Android Video Player Apps For FREE In 2022

Following are the best video player apps for Android in 2022 are:

  • V.L.C. Media Player
  • XPlayer
  • MX player
  • K.M. player
  • F.X. player

1. V.L.C. Media Player

VideoLAN (V.L.C.), a participant who started as a pupil undertaking and became one of the best video players. Most famous media players worldwide have lately had a birthday – turned 1.0. I notion this turned into a unique possibility to write approximately it. And show you ways noteworthy its miles. So, join me for a spin. If, after analyzing this text, you are not convinced to have to be using V.L.C., then I’ve failed as a human being.

best android video player

V.L.C. plays an infinite number of file formats

V.L.C. is no stranger at Dedoimedo’s. I’ve praised V.L.C.’s lovely format skills on many occasions. It featured in my candy collection of home window packages two years ago. Then it became a celebrity again in my recently published mega-article on satisfactory Linux software programs. And once more, within the A-Z home windows manual. And it is an ordinary visitor in every Linux distro overview.

What makes V.L.C. specific is that it’s going to play something – tune, video, RealMedia, QuickTime, Flash, you name it. If V.L.C. cannot play, the file is now not a media report.

best android video player

Besides being only a media player, it could also do some, without a doubt, fancy stuff, like play incomplete films. That makes it very beneficial for previewing downloads before they may finish. For example, in eMule, visit your Temp folder, pick out any which .part report downloaded, and open it with the V.L.C. player. It may be additionally open.ISO documents and stream stay casts over an extensive range of protocols.

V.L.C. can move live to video display units or high-Definition tv and preview MPEG delivery Streams. As they’re digitized with HDV cameras via FireWire, document the desktop, and take screenshots of performed video media. And extra, so much more.

Region-free DVD player

VideoLAN ignores the soul-enslaving encoding on DVDs. And plays them like another document without restrictions. Suppose you’ve ever wondered about taking your pc with you worldwide. And fidgeting with local DVD settings, of which there is a restricted variety on home windows.


V.L.C. also permits you to control media documents. You may exchange the color stability, rotate the video, sharpen the photograph, or crop the output. And upload an embedded watermark-fashion emblem. And even produce output video as ASCII art.

Here’s an instance from another fantastic Turkish sci-fi movie, A.R.O.G., the sequel to a great G.O.R.A. movie. If you even like the sci-fi genre, these two movies are an absolute have-to!

best android video player

Media information

If you need to catalog your media documents, V.L.C. is the proper device for the activity. It permits you to edit the metadata of your documents. Including the usual fields and customs extras if you’re involved.

If you want to edit your media documents, the Codec information tab will offer a wealth of data on the audio and video. And subtitle streams you’re gambling. Supporting you become aware of the formats used.

2. XPlayer

best android video player

This software is one of the exceptional video players for android. It helps all video codecs, including H.D., Ultra H.D.,4K video files, etc.

Functions of Video player:

  • Subtitle supportive and adjustable.
  • This software offers a non-public folder as your requirement.
  • Easy to get entry to all films on your tool and S.D. card.
  • A few more fabulous gear: screen lock, issue ratio, and Autorotation.

3. MX player

Mx player is a top-rated video participant app for Android users. But the primary disadvantage is it includes too many commercials.

  • You may add a caption if your video does not include subtitles.
  • You could watch the internet collection and every other video like YouTube on an Mx player that is first-rate.
  • You could also join up for MX content creator if you are a content material author like me.
  • This app supports a variety of different video formats and audio formats.

Capabilities of MX Video player:

  • You can customize subtitle length according to your necessities.
  • Children lock, which allows you to supply your telephone to your youngsters
  • Guide a massive range of audio formats and video codecs
  • bendy sound manage
  • the very best manner to zoom in and zoom out

4. K.M. player

K.M. participant is an excellent android video player app for watching a video and paying attention to the song.

  • This app supported 4k and 8k films too.
  • You could additionally play films from YouTube and Google Cloud. And also from outside networks.

Functions of KMPlayer :

  • Nighttime mode, which helps in low lighting
  • Pop-up play feature to play movies while using different apps
  • built-in an audio participant
  • aid all video formats

5. F.X. player

Fx player is an excellent video participant with a personal lock so that you can add a pin or password to protect your films.

You could also adjust the size of the subtitles and exchange the place of subtitles and shade too.

Capabilities of F.X. player :

  • easy gesture controls
  • hardware acceleration
  • private folder lock
  • Popup video feature

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