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Autofocus selfies might be the iPhone 14’s Best Feature

Apple is predicted to announce and launch the iPhone 14 series globally in September this year. This series will likely launch four handsets like its predecessor series. However, before the launch, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the upcoming iPhones would come with the most significant front camera upgrade with Autofocus selfies since the iPhone 11.

First time in iPhone history, Apple will install a South Korean product for the front (Autofocus selfies) camera. A Chinese company will be removed, and a Korean company will be chosen as a supplier. Apple is changing its camera supply chain management (SCM) as front cameras, classified as low-end, have become high-end.

According to industry authorities, on the 22nd, Apple recently decided to install LG Inotek products for the first time on the front camera of the iPhone 14, which is planned to be released in September. Apple has informed its key partners about this. As a result, LG Innotek has mass-produced the iPhone 14 front camera.

Apple originally planned to install LG Innotech products on the front camera of the iPhone 15, which is for release next year, but recently hastily pushed the schedule forward. It is understood that there were quality issues from the Chinese camera manufacturers during the quality test.

Apple iPhone 14 series may come with autofocus.

According to Kuo, Apple will likely ditch the FF solution for its front-facing camera for the first time in its history. The iPhone 14 series is predicted to come with an autofocus feature. It may come with a “6P lens and a bright f/1.9 aperture.” The autofocus feature will help those who use their front camera to click pictures and make video calls.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s blog post, Apple has appointed its suppliers for the new iPhone 14’s front-facing camera. As a result, Sony may be the primary sensor producer. However, it is not finally confirmed whether it will be different from the current 12MP module from another Japanese manufacturer.

Overall, even if Apple determines not to go ahead with Sony, the autofocus feature will be Apple’s most significant selfie camera upgrade in years. As for other suppliers, the leading lens supplier is expected to be Genius, and the CCM (CMOS camera module) can be manufactured by LG Innotech and Koval.

Earlier reports also indicated the same. Additionally, Japan’s Sharp will likely continue to make iPhone selfie cameras. Only the unknown Chinese manufacturer is out of the game. Also, since Apple is shifting to a Korean manufacturer, the cost of making an Autofocus selfie camera has tripled. Earlier, when Chinese manufacturers were on board, a selfie camera cost only a third of the price of a previous camera.

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