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Aside from Payroll Software, what other Software is used by HR Professionals? And Why?

Software is one of the most important things these days to run a business or organization. It helps keep track of a company’s affairs, supports maintaining various records and information, and collates all the data that runs the organization. When it comes to an organization, there are several departments, and each one has its elements and blocks.

To handle all the data that deals with each department, IT companies individually design softwares, such as Payroll Software, HR Software, Production management software, Inventory software, quality analysis software, etc. These unique softwares have elements that help maintain and regulate the data of the specific departments in question.

Software used in Human Resources Department

Human Resource is probably the industry’s biggest and most important department. This deals with the various information of the organization’s biggest asset, the Human Resource.

It handles the data such as employees in the organization, their vital information, their salary and wage information, bonus and hike information, promotion and performance information, and health and benefits information. And many such things.

HR software is a tool that helps in keeping all this information organized manner. And helps the Human resource manager to track all his employees and their performance and other information easily. And retrieve them more efficiently.

Some of the most common types of HR softwares used in the industry are payroll software, attendance recording software, HRMS or Human Resource Management System Software, Communication and Email softwares, Onboarding Software, etc.

Payroll Softwares

Payroll software is perhaps the most used HR-based software of all time. It is one of the most common and utilized kinds of software that captures the salary and wage details of the employees in the organization. It can easily capture not only the salary part. But also compute taxes, PF information, gratuity, leave and attendance-based calculations, and hike and promotion-based information. And many such vital details about the employees.

Apart from Payroll software, there are many new informative and valuable types of HR softwares introduced in the market. Some of them are listed below:

Onboarding Software

Onboarding Software is a tool that helps HR managers onboard multiple employees simultaneously into the organization and various departments. It helps capture the new employee’s details, salary information, respective department profiles, job profiles, the training they have or need to attend, and further email information. And so many other onboarding formalities that HR needs to get done. So that the employees are all set to go once they join.

Attendance Management Softwares

Another essential software that is being used widely is the attendance software which helps capture the daily attendance of the employees. But also helps in transferring this data into salary information for benefits, deductions, leave management, etc. It also helps calculate the efficiency rate of the employees and their divisions on a more extensive outlook. And helps in generating management information for the managers annually.

It can easily be attached to hardware that captures the details using a fingerprint. Or other measures adopted by the company to record attendance. The hardware can log this information into the software, and the software converts them into meaningful management information and reports as per requirement.

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