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This is All Apple is Preparing For 2021

Technology never stops; tech companies like Apple continue to work on their subsequent releases. And new Apple products, updating existing products or introducing new ones. The leak reveals what the next steps are for the American giant.

From Twitter, we get a complete summary of Apple’s activities. The leak did through an anonymous account, but they were wrong with their prediction of Apple. However, this source has confirmed the exact date of the new iPhone SE. For example, and so some credit gives to the latest information.

In light of this new leak, we can see that Tim Cook’s company is preparing for the next year and a half. They will be launching apple products like iPad Air, MacBook, or AirPods. And will enter new markets by designing their video game console.

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Introduction of the final headset by 2020

Apple will be working on wireless headphones that will have sound cancellations. And interchangeable parts to allow the user to customize them.

New MacBook with ARM

This information is not new; many of the clues published on Twitter have already been rumored. Apple will prepare MacBooks with its ARM processor by the fourth quarter of 2020.

Its processors can mean much higher performance than some of the other Intel currently used and can help reduce Apple costs. However, it is also alleged that the new computers had a 12-inch screen with no fans and were canceled years ago.

IPad Air with Touch ID

update air pad 2019

The iPad Air may be introduced with a fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen. Apple‘s first tool to have this technological system is not the iPhone.

It was also revealed that the new iPad Air model would have a Mini-LED screen. Another strange change is not seeing premium products like the iPad Pro before. But, from this information, keep in mind that Apple continues to work on the Touch ID at the bottom of the screen. And this year or next, it finally launches a new system.

Remote to play with Apple TV

Third, this leak means the company would look to enter the gamer market. And sell its console controller, which would be an excellent complement to its Apple TVs. The product range has made the Xbox and PlayStation controls compatible with gaming in their iPad and TV settings. Of course, getting into the industry can be difficult for some officials once they have gained a position after years of service. But Apple has never decided that it will win new technological categories.

Apple TV Plus

Future iPhone: A window into Apple’s services

Apple’s plan doesn’t end there; new AirPods, AirTags, and an iMac update. And four new iPhone 2020 models are also mentioned. However, they are still surrounded by speculation that they will have a small-notch, 5G technology. And chip of the A14.

Of course, not all good news; some products and nutrients were delayed due to COVID-19. As the months go by, some of these leaks will become more powerful until proven by the company. What is clear is that it may delay, but Apple doesn’t stop working.

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