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Apple Watch Series 7 – Is it worth the hype

We all know how Apple loves its i-products, and the apple watch series 7 is one of the biggest in the long list of Apple products. The iWatch is a smartwatch with incredible capabilities and can be an extension of your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple intelligent devices. In addition, the wearable even can connect to online casino sites for those that want to spin reels on the go.

Series 7 is said to set the pace for future iWatch series, and we think this might be correct. You should read this review if you’re thinking of splurging for this latest drop in the Apple franchise. Next, we look at the tech product to see if it is worth the $399 starting price tag. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


  • Bigger display
  • Brighter and sharper always-on mode
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • It has a USB-C magnetic charger


  • No additional health features
  • The battery life is still 18 hours

Apple iWatch Series 7 Design

The product features the first fundamental redesign since Series 4. Although it is not a significant change, the iconic curved squircle still holds firm; it is evident that Apple was going for a softer general aesthetic. As a result, the corners are slightly rounder. Meanwhile, the display mixes into the chassis seamlessly more than it does with the Series 6.

A regular user might not notice these changes. But if you thoroughly check and compare both products, you will see the adjustments in Series 7. In addition, the seven comes with a larger display, and even the device doesn’t look more significant than the former. The new product has a swim-proof rating of up to 50 meters and is IP6X dust resistance-certified.

Apple iWatch Series 7 Display

We’ve already mentioned that the display of the Apple iWatch Series 7 is more prominent. The increased screen makes it better because, with more screen size, it is morphing into a mini iPhone for your wrist, making it more awesome. The display is almost 20% bigger than the predecessor, the iWatch Series 6, and over 50% more significant than the Series 3 display. The borders are also 40% thinner.

In addition, the screen is curved to ensure that the watch is easier to read at an angle, making the edges of the user interface visible from the side. Aside from that, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a 70% more always-on mode brightness. Therefore, there won’t be a difference with the face awake direct sunlight available in Series 5 and 6.

Apple iWatch Series 7 Operating System WatchOS 8

The Apple watchOS has looked the same across the older smartwatches except for some unique apps exclusive to the hardware of the given model. For example, although the new Series 7 doesn’t have a new sensor, Apple altered the watchOS 8 for a larger screen. Also, to create features such as sleep tracking, calendar alerts, weather notifications, and others.

The OS also comes with the QWERTY keyboard, which many users have clamored for. It also has a new Modular Duo watch face, letting you stack multiple huge complications on your wrist. Therefore, there is a lot of satisfaction with the new operating system.

Apple iWatch Series 7 Features

You should know that in terms of the health and wellness feature, there is not much change in the iWatch Series 7. It maintains a reliable fitness tracker, making it one of the best running watches. However, you can enjoy Tai Chi and automated outdoor cycling tracking with the new OS. The cycling algorithm also has been adjusted to accommodate metrics for electric bikes.

Apple iWatch Series 7 Price

The base price for this product is around $399, and it is for the 41mm model. However, if you want the larger 45mm, you will need to add extra, as it costs $429. You can also add cellular support, allowing you to use your iWatch without connecting to your iPhone, but it costs $499 for the 41mm and $529 for the 45mm.

You can also opt-in for the stainless steel cases at $699 and the titanium case for $799, depending on what you’re looking for and what you like.

Our Final Thoughts

The Apple iWatch Series 7 is a masterpiece and a good upgrade from the 6. And if you’re a keen user, you’ll notice the changes, and we believe it is worth every penny. You don’t need to splurge for the stainless steel and titanium cases, as you’ll enjoy whichever you buy.

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