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Stealing an iPhone in an Apple Store is useless: the anti-theft that blocks it when leaving the store

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Some looters have found that devices they’ve stolen from Apple stores these days. Unfortunately, they were rendered useless upon detecting that they had removed them from the store. Suppose anyone can use technology to protect themselves against theft. It is technology companies like Apple. The iPhone maker has designed an anti-theft system to discourage looters from taking phones from their stores.

Among the protests demanding justice for the murders of black people by police officers in the United States, looters have infiltrated the confrontations to rob shops, some of them Apple store retailers. They have nothing to do with protesters demanding a less racist society. But thefts, in the case of Apple products, have not been of much use to them.

Although Apple products are of great value, these opportunists have found that mobiles are useless by moving away from stores. In addition, Apple has spent years using a proximity anti-theft security system. That discourages thieves from looting their stores.

The CEO of Tim Cook sent a message when the protest movement began. Defending that fight against the institutional racism that continues in the country and much of the world. At that time, Apple decided to re-close its stores in the United States. Days after having reopened them after the COVID-19 quarantine due to the looting.

Apple wants to protect customers and employees in its stores with this measure. Meanwhile, the stolen products protect themselves with security software. That detects that the device is moving away from the Apple store as they are not connected to the store’s WiFi network in question. The iPhone and iPad have a switch that blocks them.

Examples of the message that products show when they detect that they are no longer near the store have been seen on social networks. For instance, looters can read: “This device disabled and is a track. Local authorities alerted.”

So, Apple has decided to donate to different action groups against racial injustice. Such as the non-profit Fair Justice initiative. If you want to create some changes. We must reevaluate our views and actions regarding the pain felt but often ignored. Stated the letter from Tim Cook.

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