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Android or iPhone: Which is better

Today we are gonna differentiate between Android and iPhones. Everyone knows that both of the operating systems are best. Both have many things are common. But we are checking out what is the common difference and what is the major difference. This comparison includes Android vs iPhone Affordability. Comparison of apps, battery life, security, services, camera, calls, messaging, and updates


As a comparison between Android vs iPhone Affordability. From the first day of apple selling, Apple is a bit costly and always creating a heavy market. But the iPhone X breaks all the records and factors. iPhone X starts at $1000. It starts with very heavy pricing. And the iPhone 11 pro-MAX also starts from $1100. This is also a very costly device As you can see the list of prices of the iPhone. Apple starts with very costly prices. If you want to compare apple with android in the way of affordability. There is no doubt that android is the best in this way.

The android changes the game in the world. Android proves itself as the cheapest and unique operating system in the world. And creates a cheap market. Android has a very big fan following. Most Asian people like the Android operating system. the galaxy starts with $400 this is a reasonable and approachable price for everyone.

Winner: Android

Apps (Android vs iPhone)

iphones, iphone

The usage of the apps of the iOS operating system worldwide. iPhone has a very big amount of numbers who are using the apps of iOS. There are 2.7 million devices are using the apps of the Apple operating system. This is a very impressive usage if we are comparing it with android.

In android the usage of apps world. It also has a very big amount of numbers who are using android apps. There are 2.2 million devices are using android apps. Both have the same demand according to apps usage.

winner: iOS

Battery life and charging


This is the worldwide complaint that the battery life of smartphones is very poor. If we are checking iPhones battery life and charing. Then the iPhone did not shows the remaining battery life. But it shows the usage of the battery where and how. Android. And the charging is also a very slow point of apple.

Android also shows you the usage of the battery. The drain and the charging point of view of the android are better than the ios. Because this operating system always saves the life of the battery. And the charging speed of android devices is faster than the ios.

winner: Android

Updates (iPhones vs. Android)

iphones, iphone

The iPhone provides always standard and consistent updates to their devices. Its updated version is on the peek level. In the whole world, no device can compare with the iPhone’s updates.

  • iOS 13: 50%
  • iOS 12: 41%
  • Earlier: 7%

Android is also providing consistent updates. The android updates come with the light version. It has fewer unique updates than iPhone updates.

  • Pie: 10.4% Android 9.0
  • Oreo: 15.4% Android 8.1
  • Oreo: 12.9% Android 8.0
  • Nougat: 7.8% Android 7.1
  • Nougat: 11.4% Android 7.0
  • Marshmallow: 16.9% Android 6.0
  • Lollipop: 11.5% Android 5.1
  • Lollipop: 3% Android 5.0
  • KitKat: 6.9% Android 4.4
  • Older: 3.8%

winner: iOS

Calls and messaging

iPhones vs Android Affordability

iPhone has a modern, unique and efficient GUI system. According to the calls and the messaging system, apple has a very graceful system. It has a very simple and plain way for the calls and the messaging. Any individual can use the system of calls and message system of the iPhone.

The calls and the messaging system in android are a bit complicated than iPhone calls and messaging systems. Because android providing so many options to do one message or call that creates difficulty.

winner: iOS


iPhones vs Android Affordability, iphone

iPhone has a unique eye system for the camera. It has a great light and color system in its camera. The iPhone’s camera has too much clarity in its cameras. There is no phone in the world that can compare with iPhone 11 pro-Max according camera. You can shoot a high-definition movie with the iPhone’s camera.

The camera of the android has also an incredible light and color system. It gives very good clarity. But it bites back than iPhone cameras. You can also shoot a high-definition movie with android cameras. But can not compare with iPhone cameras.

winner: iOS

Cloud services

iPhones vs Android Affordability

The cloud system of the iPhone is the world’s best secure and safe system. They provide the best security in the world. A huge amount of the data iPhones shift on the cloud but it has limited space on the cloud. If we want to shift a huge amount of data then we have to buy more space on the cloud of the iPhone.

In android, also provide the best security system in the world according to the cloud system. But they are providing more space for the iPhone or we can say they provide unlimited space on the cloud. We can shift a huge amount of data on the cloud without purchasing any space on the cloud using the android system.

winner: android


iPhones vs Android Affordability

If we are talking about the security of the devices in the world of technology. Then no one beat the iPhone’s security system. iPhone has the world’s best security systems. It provides you with more security and more ways of security. They protect our complete data each second.

If we are talking about device security in the android operating system then it is also providing the best security system. But, it is a little bit providing a low-security system than the iPhone’s security system. Although they are also protecting our data but not like the iPhone protecting our data. The iPhone’s data protection system is more secure than android.

Winner: iOS


It is still difficult to declare the best operating system in the world. Because both of the operating systems providing their best in the world of technology. But at the most stages, the iPhone proves itself as the best. In the case of a comparison between Android vs iPhone Affordability. Androids are better and cheaper. But the androids prove themselves as the best but not more than iPhone. But if you are still going with the android device then you must search these points before purchasing the android device. iPhone has the best operating system in the technology world.


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