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Get the most out of Android TV with these little-known tricks

Holidays are approaching for many, and it is that time of the year when we can enjoy more entertainment than the rest. Therefore, we are going to give you some tricks and tips for Android TV so you can take full advantage of this advanced operating system for televisions.

The television landscape has advanced dramatically in recent years, especially regarding entertainment possibilities integrated into the television itself.

There are several operating systems on SmartTVs, but it is clear that one of the most interesting is Android TV. And it is an option of Google to give life to smart TVs in a compelling way: with the Play Store applications.

They allow us to dispense with devices such as Chromecast and send content from mobile because we can download the applications directly from the company’s store.
Next, we are going to give you a series of android tv tricks and tips for you to squeeze your Android TV.

You don’t have to buy a Chromecast

One of the best devices in recent years, in addition to Raspberry Pi, is Chromecast. The Google dongle allows us to send our mobile content, with more and more compatible apps, to the TV and entire pages of a Chrome browser.

Beneficial Chromecast tricks

One of the tricks of Android TV is that you do not need to buy a Chromecast that has all the functions of the device since it is integrated into the TV.

Use your mobile as a remote control.

There are several ways to control the content on an Android TV, but one of the best options is to turn your phone into a remote.

For Chromecast, there is no problem since each app adapts to the playback, but we have several options to turn our mobile into an Android TV remote. Of course, the best is Android TV Remote Control from Google itself.
After giving a series of permits and matching the television and the telephone, we have total control of the reproduction. Besides, we can search for content with the telephone keypad.

video game controller

android tv tricks

In addition to the mobile, we can also use console control to control an Android TV. We can play certain games, and if we already have a DualShock 4 or an Xbox One Controller V2, we can easily pair the remote with the TV.

All we have to do is go to the settings section and select the “add device” option. We configure the command. And voila.

Play Store

android tv tricks

And, of course, the Google Play Store is where we download these applications, such as games. It is the store where we have many options for social networks (such as Facebook) and entertainment.

For example, there are VLC, TuneIn, Twitch, and Crunchyroll, in addition to Vimeo, Rakuten, Spotify, and many more compatible applications.

Through this link, you can see the compatible apps and Google Assistant

Little by little, many of us turn our homes into smart homes thanks to different plugs, light bulbs, and other elements that we can control with the options of Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Our Android TV already has Google Assistant, which we can access through the remote control and the mobile with the Android TV Remote Control application. Next, we have to give the order we want to activate the assistant.

And yes, controlling the television with the go is also valid. So we can ask you to open applications with simple commands.

Surf the Internet

There are several browsers for Android TV. As you know, you can install applications from the Play Store; among them, we have browsers.

However, it is not that they are lovely and are mostly not adapted to such a large screen. It is a resource if you do not want to use your laptop with Chromecast. And you want to navigate directly from the TV. It is not optimal, but the option is there.

Connect keyboard

Suppose the option to navigate using the mobile application does not appeal to you. Since you want a full-size keyboard, you can do it via Bluetooth.

In the same way that you can connect a console controller via Bluetooth. You can do it with a wireless keyboard.

Unknown media installation

It is one of the best tricks for Android TV. However, most users will have everything they need in the Play Store applications. Some advanced users will surely want apps not in the Google store.

For those advanced users, there is the possibility of installing applications from unknown media. For example, you must go into settings to install an APK from the Internet or USB. Then Security and restrictions section. You look for the option “Unknown origins,” you activate it … and voila.

Plex and Kodi

From the PlayStore, you can easily install both Kodi and Plex. We will not talk much about it since we have done it to satiety in recent months.

Kodi basic tricks

Kodi is one of the best applications you can have if you like to enjoy many sources of content. We can customize the app as we want, thanks to the add-ons, and it has a large community behind it.

Plex allows us to create a local network of content reproduction. Our own Netflix, to put it in some way. So Plex is not a problem, but if Kodi makes it difficult for you. Then, you have to follow this tutorial.


Protect so that not everyone can buy in the Play Store

The last trick of Android TV is to protect the purchase application so that not everyone can access and. Therefore, spend money both willingly and unintentionally.

First, go to the Play Store configuration menu to activate the option to request authentication whenever you want to buy something.

As you can see, a few options are offered by a SmartTV with Android TV. Now, you have to take advantage of the system.

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