Android TV revamps its homepage with recommendations, trailers, and sponsored content

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Pros and cons, Android TV, begins to roll out a new home page loaded with content and recommendations that can be very positive for consumers or become a nuisance.

Google wants that as soon as we enter Android TV, we find a large number of new content so that we do not stay without seeing anything. Consumers with an Android smart TV will be able to receive recommendations, trailers, sponsored content. And new media subscription facilities through the latest version that will soon begin to reach the world.

The Mountain View company has published a new entry on its blog announcing these developments in its operating system for smart televisions, Android TV. With the latest update, they explain that it will be more convenient to find new content. And not run out of ideas to enjoy new content starting this summer.

The arrival of recommendations and trailers can be a significant advantage for customers. However, for some, the new sponsored content space is a concern, as no one wants the home page of their Android TV to be turned into a billboard. The recommendations will be, in principle, content selected by the entertainment experts of Google Play.

If any content strikes us, we can see at that moment a trailer or a preview to finish deciding on that program or continue searching. Google also reports the arrival of sponsored content that will be partner announcements. Although this novelty will just available in the United States for the point of time.

One of the most interesting news that will come to smart TVs with Android TV is direct subscriptions to other platforms. Suppose we have already seen all the programs and movies of the streaming services to which we subscribe and decide to register in other media. In that case, we can quickly sign up from Android TV to them, skipping intermediate forms. Android will use the Google account and the information it already has about us to fill in the data required by this new platform to make the subscription easier.

The deployment of these novelties is unknown how long it will take to reach the rest of the countries. In the United States, Android TV is already recommending new content for all ages of platforms. Such as Starz, DC Universe, EPIX NOW, Peacock from NBCUniversal, and HBO Max.

First thing before we get to the definition of the strengths and weaknesses of Android TV. Let’s define what Android TV is. As its name suggests, it is a similar Android-based television service installed on Smartphones. But in conjunction with doing something to make it easily accessible to specific devices that do not have a touch screen. Such as to monitor or television mode.

When an Android TV box is connected to the monitor or a TV without Smart TV activities. The Android TV box or Smart TV box acts as a bridge so you can access those connected activities. Allowing you to install apps from the app Google app. Keep watching Netflix or the YouTube series by connecting your television to the Internet. However, Android TV is more than just a streaming app for video consumers. It is a complete operating system designed for television that advises us to install applications on the device on mobile phones.

Android TV is usually based on the latest Android available at the moment (Nougat, Oreo, Pie, etc.). And has a specific display that will be used for remote control or from keyboard and mouse. In addition, the processing of each data is done directly on the SoC (the program on the chip) installed on the TV board or Android TV Box. It is as if you were plugging a mobile mama board into television. So that you could understand it in a few words.

Before we can see what the benefits of Android TV are and why televisions are so cleverly thanks to Android TV. We need to understand what options we have and what we need to achieve a better experience with this program.

What I need to have an Android TV

Now that we know what Android TV is and why content lovers want it so much. Now its time to look at how you can have Android TV on your television. If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to install Android TV on your Smart TV. We’re sorry to tell you that you can’t do it if it’s not a factory installed on your TV.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Android on your TV. You still have different options if you desire to have Android TV on TV. Most importantly and easy to connect Chromecast to your TV.

Chromecast is the cheapest solution to having Android TV on a non-smart TV platform. Because all connection work falls on the Hardware of mobile or tablet that transmits data to Chromecast. And, from there with HDMI, the content comes to the television. Just connect Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as mobile … and enjoy your favorite series.

However, unless Chromecast is an easy way to convert regular TV to a smart TV, it is not the best TV experience you can get. Because you will not be able to use all the functions that Google’s operating system television sets make accessible.

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