Google would allow you to record your calls on Android, Although with restrictions

android recording call

It has long known that Google is working on adding a call recording feature to its Phone app, and it appears that things have sped up to make it available in the coming months, although it would have several regional restrictions.

Recording phone calls is a process that is covered by the law according to different countries. Therefore it is not a feature that is usually included as standard in any application when we purchase one of our mobile devices.

This week XDA Developers claimed that the android recording call feature in the Google Phone app implemented on some Nokia phones in India, and it has now discovered that those in Mountain View have released a support document on help regarding the Phone application to record a call.

Although this support document has already withdrawn, different media have obtained a screen capture where some characteristics about the operation of this android recording call function can read.

According to this Google support page, to record a phone call. The device in which the application installed must have Android 9 or higher. Have said Phone application in its latest version and above “in a compatible device and country/region”. This last aspect is essential since each country has a series of laws related to call recording.

android recording call

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In this support page, it has not specified which were these devices, countries, or regions. Although recording a call is as simple as opening the Telephone application. Making the call and pressing the recording button on the screen. That has a series of legal consequences that vary by country and region.

In the document, it can read that when the recording of a call started for the first time. It will report that you are responsible for complying with local laws. Some of which require the express consent of the person you are going to record. Or you could commit a crime.

When you start recording, the receiver would hear a voice informing you that the call is being recorded. And would alert again when the call stops recording. These recorded calls would stored on the device and never in the cloud and could access through the Phone app. From there, you could play the recording, delete it, or share it by email or by different messaging applications.

Google is not going to have it easy to include this call recording functionality. It would have to deal independently with countries. And regions around the world with its availability in our country left in the air.

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