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Android Auto App can be used wirelessly with any mobile with Android 11 and with 5GHZ WiFi

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Only a privileged few could use the Android Auto apps without relying on a cable. With the arrival of Android 11, this will change, and the vast majority of users will finally be able to free themselves from this tie.

Using the Android Auto app makes driving and controlling maps, music, and calls much more relaxed with your mobile. Google’s car tool will soon be more accessible than ever for most Android phones.

Responsible for this improvement is Android 11, the latest operating system version. With it, mobile phones compatible with Android Auto app via wireless will go from being some Pixel, Nexus, and Samsung to all. The Android Auto support website indicates this.

The 9to5Google website has shared this information. It is confirmed that with the arrival of version 11 of Android, which will begin in the coming months, the Android Auto wireless connection will be more universal. Naturally, there are still many factors that must coincide for everything to work correctly.

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First, we need our car to make and model compatible with this application. Here you have the complete list. You can also use stereo equipment if the vehicle is not very recent.

Second, it depends on the phone and that you have a data line. As we have already said, with Android 11, you will have the Android Auto application installed and the 5GHz WiFi connection that allows you to forget about the cable. In recent years, mobile phones already include 5 GHz, but some mid-range or low-end may not have it yet. In that case, it would not work, and we would have to go back to cable.

For mobile phones that continue with Android 9, they must download the application, which is already pre-installed with Android 10. In this case, if they are not from Samsung or Google, you will likely have to use a USB cable to connect them to the car. It is not a wrong solution, but it is more cumbersome.

Thanks to Android Auto applications, we can enjoy many aids and assistance while driving, such as maps, routes, and answering calls … but many times, we receive notifications or unimportant messages that can distract us. At last, Android Auto has enabled a new feature to mute notifications.

Everything indicates that with the advancement of connections, it will be easier to have the advantages of Android Auto on any phone and car. So we can focus on the road and, for example, ask the assistant with a voice command to make a call or change the song.

In the new update available for the Android Auto apps, you will find a new tool that will allow you to silence notifications. Since the launch of this app, users have highly demanded a function since notifications can interrupt the music in our car and distract us when we put our hands on the wheel.

This is the new version of the application 5.0.500224, released this week. It may already have been automatically updated on your smartphone; if not, do it yourself. Enabling it is very simple, and you can do it directly from your mobile application if you do not know about this application and have not used it. Furthermore, you can buy it here if it is compatible with your vehicle.

To activate this function, you can do it right away, even if you are not in your car. As you only have to open the Android Auto application on your smartphone, click on the menu with three lines that you will see in the upper left; then, in the first option, Settings, In the Notifications section, you can enable this new functionality. Just select Notifications without sound, and you’re done.

Notifications will be muted, so your car will no longer emit an alert signal every time you receive a message. Your music will no longer be interrupted by numerous notifications from your messaging apps. And most importantly, the phone will not distract you when driving.

This feature has taken a long time to add despite requests from many users. Still, be careful because you will not be completely free from distractions: even if you do not listen to them. The messages will continue to appear on your car screen until you discard them. It is already being requested that this is the next update. In the meantime, we will have to make a personal effort to strictly comply with the rules if you do not want to expose yourself to being fined.

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