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Nearby Sharing, Google’s alternative to Apple’s AirDrop, would also come to Windows and Mac

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The “Android AirDrop,” known as Nearby Sharing, will not only reach devices with Google’s operating system. But also be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The long-awaited Nearby Sharing feature with an android airdrop, which will allow us to transfer files between Android devices quickly, not only seems to be very close to being deployed. But would also be compatible with other systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS.

For some time we have been collecting the news regarding Nearby Sharing. This could be said to be Google’s alternative to Apple’s AirDrop, a way that we would have to share files quickly between nearby devices, a compatibility that was expected to be an exclusive Android terminal. But it seems that it will also reach other operating systems.

And it is that Google has been looking for its own technology to share files between Android phones. Initially called Fast Share and that a few months ago was renamed the current Nearby Sharing.

Google wants to take it much further and not just to Android devices. Therefore, we are likely to see this feature on Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS. At least there are references to these systems in the latest version of the ChromeOS Canary. Noting that Google is much more ambitious than previously thought with this feature.

While this reference to Nearby Sharing exists in the latest version of ChromeOS Cana. It still doesn’t work with what appears to be in a very early version that is not yet functional even in trial versions. Of course, this function would be compatible with Chrome. And therefore we could take advantage of Nearby Sharing on Windows, Mac, and Linux as long as we have this browser.

It is the same feature that Android phones will receive to share files in a much faster and more efficient way. But that Google has also thought of bringing Chrome to other devices.

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